I started AACAT in late 2013 as a YouTube channel dedicated to my hobby of tearing down and testing old computers and other miscellaneous electronics.  Since then, the channel has gone from being a place to upload crude demonstrations of old technology to a thriving technology media outlet.  Over the past three years the channel has expanded to accommodate tech reviews, software tutorials, computer upgrades, and technology experiments.  One of our main focuses is affordable computing for the masses. We take older cheaper hardware and turn it into something that can rival modern hardware for a fraction of the price.  In addition to our YouTube channel, we also have two websites, a Facebook page, and a Patreon page that you can use to stay up to date with everything AACAT.


My name is Braxton VanGundy, I started and currently run AACAT. The past years have been an absolute blast with regards to media production and I really do enjoy running everything related to this little media business.  I love sharing my hobbies, experiences, thoughts, and passions with my community (my community is awesome by the way!).  This journey has not been without its challenges but through every challenge I have gained something.  Currently I am a student at Old Dominion University perusing my major in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  In addition to running AACAT, I also work a day job as a developer / data scientist working in fields related to machine learning and natural language processing.