Alxum 96W 10 Port USB Charging Station Review


Coming in at just under $60 USD, the Alxum charging station is one of the pricier multi-device USB chargers currently on the market.  However, that steep price-tag comes with a reasonable number of advertised features along with a max output of 100W.  It appears that I am one of the first people to actually review this unit, however similar looking power stations (probably manufactured by the same OEM) exist on the market and have, mostly, positive feedback surrounding them.  My thoughts about the Aluxm unit were, for the most part, positive.  However I did have some minor qualms about the charger’s external quality.

It is important to note that, as with most charging stations, this one not come with USB cables.  If you need cables I would suggest buying them from your local Dollar Store, don’t get ripped off at Wal-Mart or Best Buy.  Included with the station base are 11 plastic panels, 11 foam pads, a beefy 100W power brick, and a couple sheets of documentation.  Initially, I was a little disappointed regarding the quality of the unit.  It is entirely composed of a lightweight plastic and personally I think it looks a little aesthetically cheap.  However, just because it might not have been the prettiest thing in the world did not mean that it would not perform as advertised.  So I whipped out the power adapter (total cable length is ~7ft), plugged it into the charging station, and proceeded to run some tests.

*Just a side note, installing the 11 plastic dividers is a breeze.  Just slide them into the slots with a little force and they should stay in place.  Optional padding is also included, if you are worried the divider might scratch you device or allow them to slide off, then you can add the foam pads to the plastic dividers.

At half load (~50W) the charging station was barely warm to the touch and the voltage was holding steady just at 5V.  It was the same story while I was running the unit at full load (~100W).  At full load the power brick and charging station became only lukewarm to the touch.  The station is advertised to have “over current protection” however I did not have enough USB dummy loads to push this thing over the edge.  Following a full load test, I made sure that each port was capable of providing up to 2.4A, I was not disappointed.

If you can look past its cheap looking construction and feel, this Alxum model is actually a pretty good charging station.  It met all of the advertised ratings and, though the construction feels cheap, it is practically designed.  If you are looking for a high quality, anodized Aluminum, charging masterpiece then you should definitely look elsewhere.  If you do not really care about aesthetics and you just want a powerful barebones charging station then you might consider the Alxum 96W power station.

-Max output of nearly 100W
-2.4A per port
-Stays cool, only gets warm to the touch at most
-Easy to setup
– Customizable tab arrangement to accommodate nearly any device.
-Enough space between ports
-All Plastic
-Feels a little cheap
-One of the more expensive charging stations on the market.



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