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A few months ago I took a very lengthy car ride from Virginia Beach all the way over to Nashville Tennessee. Of course I did not embark on this journey without the proper provisions, in my pocket I carried my Samsung Galaxy S4 and in my travel bag I had my Nexus 7 buried under a tangled mess of cables. My game controller of choice at that time was the wired Xbox 360 controller, using an OTG to USB type-A adapter the controller worked flawlessly with both of my Android devices. However, as stated earlier, the wired controller created a wild mess of unruly cable within my bag and the OTG adapter added to the list of things I had to carry and keep track of. Thanks to its built in Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated 350mah battery the BEBONCOOL Bluetooth controller resolves all of the issues mentioned above while still managing to be a highly functional and easy to use game controller.

The first thing I noticed while pulling the controller out of the box was that its construction was close to but not quite up to par with an official game system controller. Comparing it to a similarly sized Xbox 360 controller I noted that the BEBONCOOL controller was quite a bit lighter than the 360 controller which can be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Its light weight makes it even more convenient as a portable controller but it also leaves the user with the impression that it does feel a bit cheap. Another mentionable low point in quality is the flexibility of the controller’s frame, the area where the device is meant to be held does flex under pressure and is what I would consider to be the controller’s weakest point. (please note that these are two very minor details which I just wanted to get out of the way at the beginning of the review).

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth controller1

With my only two issues towards the controller out of the way lets get down to the meat of the review. A telescopic central pole allows the it to accommodate a wide variety of devices. It can extend up to 10.6 inches in length and locks into place via a simple locking slider on the back. No device is too small to be used with the game-pad, a conveniently placed flip out arm holds devices which are not long enough to be securely fitted between the handles (less than 4.5 inches in length). The device holding area is equipped with rubber padding which prevents scratching and adds some dampening if you accidentally drop the controller. Speaking of dropping the controller, the handle sections of the game-pad are lined on the outside with rubber grips which significantly minimize the chances of the user actually dropping the remote.

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth controller

To charge the controller just plug one end of the included USB cable into a 5V power source and the other end into the charging port which is located on the bottom of the left handle. The integrated battery grants you 6-8 hours of wire free playing time. The syncing process is quick and painless. You can connect the controller to your phone / tablet just like you would any other Bluetooth device. First the game-pad must be put into pairing mode, this can be done by holding down the “home” button for approx. six seconds. Once in pairing mode you can then scan for Bluetooth devices on your phone / tablet. Once the controller pops up select to pair it and you should be good to go. You do not need to install the BEBONCOOL app to use this controller with your phone.

Unlike some other controllers on the market right now I consider this BEBONCOOL model to be well equipped as far as input interfaces are concerned. On the face of the controller there are four fire buttons (A/B/X/Y), two joysticks, a directional pad, and several functional buttons related to the controller’s operation. To the back you will find two bumpers and two triggers. Personally I found the layout of the buttons to be practical and the controller comfortable to use. I had no problem migrating from the Xbox 360 controller to the game-pad. Despite its light weight, the buttons, triggers, and joysticks all felt great to use and were highly responsive.

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth controller3

Throughout my entire review it felt like I was using a wired controller, but without the wires. I honestly could not tell I was using a wireless Bluetooth controller. The response time from when I hit a button to when it was actually registered on my device was almost instant (watch the video below for a visual). Playing Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2, and Pokemon Red using this controller turned out to be an incredibly satisfying experience. The games just worked with the controller, I had to do absolutely no tinkering on my end. It did not feel like buttons were just lazily mapped to screen functions, it felt like the games were designed around the controller.

BEBONCOOL Bluetooth controller4

Short list of known compatible games:

1. Minecraft PE 
2. Dead Trigger 2                   
3. Asphalt 8                            
4. Dungeon Hunter 5                
5. BombSquad

A longer list can be found in the user manual (CLICK HERE)

The BEBONCOOL controller makes mobile gaming an incredibly enjoyable experience. It’s easy to set up, a pleasure to use, and it just works. Currently the controller can be bought for $39.99 off Amazon and if that price tag is too steep for you they also sell a smaller cheaper model for $17.99 links down below. If you want to see the game controller in action then check out the video below!


-Feels pretty good to use

-Easy to set up

-Just works

-Compatible with a wide range of devices


-Highly functional



-A bit on the pricey side

-A little light

-Telescopic section is slightly flimsy


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