Behind The Scenes EP1: A Tangled Mess


Behind The Scenes EP1: A Tangled Mess


Today I am going to try something new!  Thanks to recommendations from my subscribers I have decided to launch a website exclusive video series called “Behind The Scenes”.  In these videos I will try to give you guys a better idea of what exactly happens off camera.  Much of the work I do for the channel goes un-recorded because, well frankly, that work is not very interesting and therefore does not make compelling content.  However, since a lot of you have been suggesting that I create some bonus videos to drive more traffic to the site I have decided to record some of the semi-interesting aspects of what I do in the background.

In this installment I will make some much needed network infrastructure upgrades in order to facilitate the playing of low bit-rate video from my on site server.  I will also clean the server, patch and update the WAMP stack, and give you guys a sneak peek at the Lenovo T410 I ordered off eBay.

This first episode is also meant to be a test run, so if you run into any problems with the video please leave a comment in the comments section!



TP-Link AV1200:

100ft Ethernet Cable:

Command Cable Clips:



Gexor – You & I:

Different Heaven – Nekozilla:


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    1. Oh man, that is horrible. There are a ton of people that are still stuck in the same situation that you are. I think 5 years ago we were also stuck with 10mbs bandwidth but thankfully Cox has been making some improvements in our area.

      1. Just realized that some how I had a super old wordpress account from when I was 9 and and asking my teachers questions through their blog for homework, and I can’t seem to change the profile. Woops…

  1. Wow again nice video! really good idea to make videos on your website!
    looking forward to the amd upgrade videos and garage sale finds!!! 😀
    btw cool comment section.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.


  2. For me, instead of POE, I have a series of Apple Routers that not only extend the Wi-Fi network throughout the home, but can be used as an ethernet bridge as well, allowing me to hook up any ethernet devices with no issues

  3. Great extra content, I will definitely be watching….In the server closet, did Fred Flintstone misplace a beige CRT monitor????

  4. Just wondering, do you got a video on your YouTube page on how you settled up your website? Also, how do you access the interface on a router?

    The bonus content seems entertaining. I did reply to you on YouTube saying I had some issues playing the video after I asked about the price of your new CPU and the quality of the video, but after pausing the video to take care of a couple things and coming back after a few minutes, the video worked flawlessly (And the video didn’t appearing to be buffering, the player just completely lock up). I’ll be adding your website to my bookmarks.

    1. No, I have not made a video on that yet. I am planning to make a video on how to set up a web-server over winter break (sometime in December). You should be able to access you router’s portal by typing in your gateway address into your browser bar, usually it is: or . I am not really sure what happened with the video, I think it was just caused by a high volume of traffic at that time. Thank you!

  5. Organize that closet! In a small area like that, you probably want something less permanent (since it’s not your house) and partially mobile (so you can cram more stuff in there and still be able to get to it). My suggestion is storage containers stacked on furniture dollies. Maybe some laminate flooring on top of the carpet to minimize dust in the room. You could probably even find all 3 at garage sales. Just be mindful of bare components and containers that create a lot of static (cheap ones).

    Great first video. I’ll go as far as saying that this is the type of content I’d love to see on your youtube channel instead of more hard drive enclosure reviews. Please, no more hard drive enclosures in 2016!

  6. My Internet WiFi Speed Is 15 Mbps Per Second! It Runs Off A Sprint Hotspot. This Content Is Awesome! Looks Pretty Good For A Self Hosted Site. AND YES I’m 9 Years Old.

  7. Most carpet installs have the tack strip at least 1/2″ from the wall/door threshold. CAT cables fit well right next to the tack strips. You usually don’t even have to pull up the carpet or thresholds to run the cable, just tape it to a straightened coat-hanger to fish it where needed. The total run to your server would probably be less than 20′, and you’d have zero chance of tripping on it or catching it. I used to do this on rentals in college all the time.

    As for the power cable to the closet, you might be able to wedge it under the floor molding in that hinge corner even tighter, so that the door can’t rub it. BTDT too, though of course it doesn’t meet code.

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