Behind The Scenes EP4: Lighting Upgrades, February Media PC Speculation, Part Picking


Behind The Scenes EP4: Lighting Upgrades, February Media PC Speculation, Computer Part Picking


In this “Behind The Scenes” video I will show you guys some new equipment I bought off Amazon, rant a little bit, and try to figure out how I am going to cobble together a decent media PC for $75.  You read that right, the media PC build is officially going to happen sometime in the month of February, I will be raffling it off to one lucky U.S. based subscriber!  Currently I am considering going with a Nvidia GT710, 4GB of DDR2, Dual core Athlon, 32GB SSD of the OS, and a 160GB SSD for media storage.  Feel free to make some additional suggestions down below in the comments section!


KingDian 32GB SSD $23:
MSI GT710 $35:
Logisys PSU $15:
Julis Studio 160 LED Studio Light $24:

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  1. hey!
    Again a super cool and very enjoyable video!!
    you should use as graphics card this one:
    and i dont know if that ram from the pentium 4 machine is able to go in an am2 or am1 motherboard, i had that before, i got ddr2 2 gb ram and i did not fir in my am 2 motherboard,
    if it doesnt fit you have to buy new ddr2 ram for amd.
    im also planning for an media pc centre, i got an free silverstone media pc case :).
    goodluck with the build!!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I was comparing that card to the GT710 and I believe the GT710 is an all around better performer. They are both about the same price so I think I am still set on the 710. I will test the RAM out today to make sure it works in that board but I am pretty sure it should work. Cool! Have fun with your build! Thanks!

  2. Save money. The Bestec is a better PSU than the Logisys. A lot of OEMs use Bestec’s for lower end systems like this, but none would use a Logisys as they just won’t hold up. I’ve been doing this since the mid 1970’s and have designed, built, and repaired a lot os power supplies over the years. Stick with the Bestec.

    You should also be able to find a lower cost graphics card that is just as good on Ebay.

    1. I have gotten mixed feedback about that Bestec PSU. Several have said to get it the heck out of that system and a few, like you, have said that it is fine and not to worry about it. Your comment has swayed me more towards the Bestec unit at this point. I know the Logisys is a cheap mediocre PSU but I think it might be the lesser of the two evils. I might have to throw a poll up on FB to gain a wider insight. I actually finalized and ordered the parts this afternoon so I am stuck with the GT710 as of now, I have high hopes for it as it looks like a great budget GPU on paper. Thanks for your feedback! I think choosing between the Bestec or Logisys PSU is going to be the hardest decision during this build.

      1. The Logisys isn’t even a mediocre PSU. It’s pretty much the lowest of the low. Instead of running a poll on FB (where 90% or more of the people wouldn’t have a clue about which is better/worse) go to the JonnyGuru, KitGuru,, PCPer, or Hardware Secrets forums and ask in them. Those forums have people who know how to properly test a PSU and will give you a straight answer. They’ll probably tell you that neither are that good, but 99% will lean towards the Bestec. And that will come from people who know, not people who only think they know (like most of the people on Facebook). Make sure to tell them what the computer will be used for though. If they think it’s for gaming they;ll tell you to junk both of them, but for a media pc I’m 95% certain they’ll go with the Bestec between those two options.

        The 710 is rather blah at best, but better than the onboard graphics that mobo has (probably an Nvidia GdForce 6150 and NF410 main chipset). I have some of it’s predecessors (Socket 939 GF6100 NF410) which isn’t that much different performance wise. It will definitely be a step up and should work out okay.

        1. I feel really silly right now, it turns out that there is actually a 300W Delta PSU inside that Emachine. I have no idea why I thought it was a Bestec unit (well actually several emachines I have looked at in the past have shipped with Bestec units so maybe that is why). I have used delta PSU’s in the long term before and they have all performed very well. I am going to stick with the Delta unit for this build. Well, that solves that problem, the logisys is definitely going back!

          1. Delta makes some of the best power supplies available. They are right up there with Seasonic. The only Delta I have ever had to replace for anyone suffered a lightning strike, and that more than likely would have killed any psu (no surge protection, although they do now).

        1. After reading some reviews and forums I completely agree with you and Don. I am going to return the Logisys PSU, I will either stick with the Bestec unit or I might actually grab that seasonic. I am going to look into it a bit more first though. Thanks!

        2. while that is a good psu overall, it’s meant for system integrators (OEMs) and has shorter cables than regular retail units. It is much better than either the Bestec or the Logisys, and probably about the same quality wise as the Delta he found out is actually in it. The only downside could be the cable length. It should be fine for a small case, but would have problems in larger cases or with bottom mounted psus.

          Nice find though. I like the way you think.

  3. Hey, I also think you should keep the Bestec power supply and maybe use the budget to get a better SSD because man.. That 32GB SSD has like 50MB writes 😀 If you leave the logisys PSU out, you should have $40 left, I would consider getting a 128GB SSD maybe from Craigslist or used from eBay. Because I think a 32GB SSD for almost 25$ is not a good price for this low capacity.

    1. If you had taken the time to read the comments you would know that it wasn’t a Bestec after all, but a Delta. He’s already decided to keep that and return the Logisys.

      I do agree on the POS SSD though, but I have a feeling he’s buying that just to see how bad/good it is/ It would be better than spinning rust drive though.

      1. Yeah man, I’ve read the comments, but theres written Bestec on the power supply anyway so 😀 But it’s very good to see that they actually have Delta PSUs in them, because I’ve an old HP mediacenter PC lying around that has a “Bestec” PSU too 😀 Maybe I can use it for something else too, I don’t use it anymore since I have my 6700K 🙂

    1. The 750ti is a great card but it is a little overkill for this application. The build is scheduled for this weekend so I the GT710 will have to do since I do not have time to order any other parts. I appreciate the suggestion though!

  4. Watched the build and I’d like to say – you should do more builds. I don’t have money I can give you, because I don’t work.

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