Behind The Scenes EP5: Lenovo Thinkpad T430 Unboxing and Quick Look



My Lenovo Thinkpad T430 is here and today you guys are going to get a first look at it.  I bought this for $129 off eBay as a replacement for my IBM T60.  The T60 is a great laptop but it is not capable of mobile video editing, this T430 should allow me to edit 1080p video at 60fps on the go.  System specs include an Intel I5 3230m dual core processor (4 threads), 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 1366X768 display and integrated Intel graphics.  In this video I will unbox the T430, throw a 120GB ADATA SSD into it, and run both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Mate on the laptop.  There were a couple minor things that I did not like about the T430 such as the USB 3.0 port placement, keyboard spacing, and the quality, while highly durable, is definitely less than that of my T60.  Overall though, using the system has been an enjoyable experience thus far and I can’t wait to get the money in to throw 16GB of DDR3 into the laptop so I can edit some video on it!


T430 seller’s store:

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  1. Hey Braxton! its me again 😀
    Nice laptop you got there!
    my HP Elitebook 8570p has an i5 3360m but premiere pro 1080 p 60 fps is really not something it does like, so im not sure if yours is able to do that, my laptop has intel HD graphics 4000
    but it does not like editing videos in premiere pro. i hope yours does but i highly doubt it.
    it does run Counterstrike: Global Offensive with 40-60 fps on it so thats nice and yours should be able to do that too! :). but i think its a very decent laptop for the price you paid!!!
    and one simple question: Do you have steam? if so can i add you?? 😀

    Greetings and
    Goodluck!!! 🙂


  2. Hmmm, I have not tested it with Premiere pro yet, I am crossing my fingers and hoping that it will be able to handle it 😀 . No, I do not have a steam account. I do not really have the time to game anymore XD.

  3. Hay, what would you do with your T60? Not gonna scrap it right? Also how does that kid you gave the other one to like his? Can’t wait for your next video.

    1. T60 is going to my mom. She has a latitude 2120 right now but that screen is too small for her. I am going to throw a small SSD into the T60 and install cloudready on it. I have not heard from Scott regarding his T60 in awhile. Marching band season ended in November and I have not seen him since.

  4. In the video we can see the laptop screen flashing. I suggest lowering your camera fps to 30 or 24, it should get rid of the flashing and it should use less system resources when editing.

  5. hello
    i was to get an 430s with an i5 3220M 6gb memory and 120gb ssd for 120€, i was on the way to get it, then the seller told me he sold it :/
    the t430 is better in this one you can upgrade the cpu in the tXXXs series they are soldered to the MB

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