Behind The Scenes EP6: 32″ LG Monitor, Wireless Mic System, Retro Thinkpad, X220T



I am testing out my new wireless microphone system before tomorrow’s eBay finds video.  I still have a couple kinks to work out but overall the wireless mic appears to be working out pretty well.  Let me know what you guys think about the new microphone in the description!  My 25″ LG ultra wide monitor was beginning to seem a bit too small so I decided to opt for a much larger but lower resolution LG 32″ 1080p monitor that I found on Amazon for $199.  Some may think that 1080p resolution is much too low for a monitor of this size but I found it to be completely adequate.  Colors pop, the picture is clear, and viewing angles are great thanks to the monitor’s IPS panel.  The Retro Thinkpad is days away from being released and unfortunately it looks like I might have to pass on it.  Currently, its speculated price tag is most likely to be around $1800 which is money I cannot justify spending on a laptop right now.  Look forward to an exciting eBay find tomorrow, I have a Thinkpad X220T ready for unboxing!

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  1. I almost bought that same 32″ LG monitor, but I needed support for a 100×100 mount and didn’t know that adapters existed. I ended up going with a Dell P2715Q instead, which is still better than the 29″ Dell UltraSharp U2913WM that I used to have.

  2. Please can you host your behind the scenes videos on another platform e.g a second channel on YouTube, I cannot play the video back smoothly and it freezes every 5 seconds.

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