Behind The Scenes EP7: Studio Audio Upgrades, Dell Latitude E6400 Parts, Financial Backers



Thanks to a handful of generous Paypal donors we were able to buy some new equipment for the studio and order parts for the Dell Latitude E6400 upgrade video.   The studio upgrades consisted of additional sound panels to dampen the echo in the room and a microphone arm to hold my Samson Q2U up in front of my face when recording voice overs to facilitate more consistent volume levels. In this video I will also talk some more about when the server upgrade might be happening and I will take some time to thank the people who made all of this possible (the $4.99 + Paypal donors will be listed at the beginning of all of my videos published this month).


  1. Assassin

    Hello, Braxton, In an old video you used a KIngspec 16GB ssd
    Does it still work?Can you show some CrystalDiskInfo information of it? Because of this bad reviews here
    thanks a lot

    1. Braxton VanGundy (Post author)

      That drive was used in my mom’s laptop up till a few months ago when I replaced her Dell netbook with a Thinkpad X220t. It worked fine for 3 years with an instance of cloudready on it. I no longer have that laptop so I cannot show you the drive information.


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