BlitzWolf BW-LT5 Pro IP68 Waterproof LED Panasonic 3350mAh Camping Lantern Review

I almost passed up on this review opportunity from BlitzWolf because at first I thought this was just a typical compact camping lamp. Something like that would have made for a boring and, frankly, painful (for me at least) review. Though after a second look, I realized something that prompted a little bit of personal excitement. The BW-LT5 Pro from Blitzwolf is actually a 5V USB battery bank and a 100 lumen multi-function camping lantern engineered for the outdoors and built around an advertised 3350mAh Panasonic lithium-ion battery. Now there are battery banks scattered all over the market that have a built in LED flashlight functions slapped on onto the front. However, for the most part their implementations are sloppy and impractical since the flashlight was really just an afterthought. In the BW-LT5’s case, it is clear that the lantern aspect took priority, nevertheless it also works great as a low capacity USB battery bank.

Two variants of this lantern are sold, one with a higher capacity 3350mAh battery and one with a slightly smaller 2600mAh LI-ON battery. Besides the differences in battery capacity the two are identical. This review will be focusing on the more expensive high capacity version, but if you are looking for something a bit more budget friendly the lower capacity model sports the same practical design and durable build quality as its more expensive counterpart.

In the box you will find the Blitzwolf lantern along with a wrist strap, USB cable, and user manual. The lantern is constructed entirely of plastic but don’t let that deceive you. The build quality is surprisingly sturdy, it was able to withstand drops, throws, and event falls into water as the lantern is water proof up to 2 meters (see the video below for demonstrations). To get started, all you have to do is plug the provided USB cord into a 5V USB source and wait for the battery to reach full capacity. A blue battery indication light inside the lamp notifies you of the battery’s current status.

The light is equipped with 5 different lighting modes which can be cycled through using the green rubber dome on the top of the unit. Light modes: Off, low white light, high white light, red light, red strobe light and red SOS light. The “low white light mode” runs the lantern at reduced brightness, allowing the LED’s to run for nearly 70 hours. The “high white light” mode runs the LED’s at 100% giving you enough light to navigate around the woods or comfortably read the words out of a book but this intensity comes at a cost, the lamp can only run a max of 10 hours while set to the “high” mode.

USB charging capabilities of this device are slightly limited. When completely empty the internal battery takes 6 hours to charge and the USB output port on the device is limited to 500mA. The battery bank charging function works but since it is limited to 500mA (2.5W) any device you attempt to charge will charge very slowly. My battery capacity test revealed that the actual capacity of the battery is pretty close to what was advertised. My calculations indicated that the internal battery is approximately 10.7Wh in capacity while the advertised capacity is 12.4Wh. My testing methods were not perfect and there was definitely room for error in my results, but this does give us a rough idea of what the actual capacity of the battery is.

This is a simple to use, durable, portable camping lantern with added USB battery bank charging capabilities as a bonus. It can be thrown into a backpack without having to worry about it getting smashed and it can be taken onto a canoe or kayak without a second thought as it is completely water proof and even floats in water. If you are interested in buying one, currently you can snatch one off for $15 USD:


  • Compact and light
  • Durable
  • Can act as a lantern and a USB charging bank
  • Easy to use, simple and quick to cycle between light modes
  • Water proof, floats when dropped in water


  • Slow charging rates


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