Building a Desktop Case for a Rackmount Server Proof of Concept – Part 1



You can get an extremely powerful rackmount server for dirt cheap off eBay. A 40 core 80 thread machine will cost you about $500 USD. Though this sounds like an incredible deal, most people will still shy away from these bargain behemoths and instead build something with a fraction of the power for the same price.

I think one of the main reason mainstream consumers tend to stay away from enterprise servers mainly has to do with their form factor. Chances are, you don’t have a server rack at home and you don’t want to buy a desktop rack because they look terrible. Today, we are going to try to solve this issue by building a wooden case to house this HP ProLiant in.

A big thanks to PC Server and Parts for sending us this server for the project. Show them some love by visiting their website and checking them out on Facebook!

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The parts has a huge selection of dirt cheap powerful servers and workstations on their website and eBay store you can get a basic decor machine with 24 gigs of RAM for just under hundred 50 box or you can get it absolutely see the 40 quarter server for just over $500.40 course for 500 box that’s just insane you Cisco to get 10% off anything on their website the code and links their website and eBay store will all be down in the description you are not server on a board dirt she ate for a court for 600 box I dollars or the core system will cost you thousands of dollars to build something like that from scratch new all you do to make something like that usable system is a decent card I will be at 1030 in the system and it just works great daily driver noisy because this is a 1U server on your credit do something like this you probably want to go before you server but PCs are parts of the project was purely to test out the concept and I would not recommend actually going out and buying a 1U server uses a daily driver so for you a better option there but I digress you take a decent GPS video corridor go into a for you server and you have a lazy fast machine for under $700 now why are more people doing that I mean server 600 box is still the right one of the main reasons conception that a server like this customizable at all just not true there are any customizations you made to a server like this there are some limitations for example what you are supplied on in the system like this again most of our supplies in the servers or be enough to handle the range video court such as age 60 or GTS and 70 now they might not have six go out and buy one of sketchy I sat at six molested doctors and I found that most the time those do work yet sometimes or fire hazard the job done these systems also have extra set of ports for example the system has an extra set worth the money of the drives in addition to the dry season from the system on the system has to PCI express a 16 slot GT 1030 on the side and record on oversight this is a 1U system so I can only get a single slot part of the system you a full-size video card additionally generally up for you system has extra PCI PCI express slot so the system doesn’t come with USB 3.0 despite USB 3.0 card for like 30 bucks vote in their August BC USEC PCI card or audio interface just by card expansion reason number two is the form factor I mean you can’t do it on the commerce and to move around you is just the one server for you server as a whole another story so people don’t any rack mounting equipment only don’t have racks and just have this likely on your desk with some really ugly nonprofessional to try to do today and I say try because I am not very good word working is to build a decent looking at is a good-looking because that’s putting it will be too much confidence in myself but it decent looking case to put this server in an untraditional because wrongdoing is not pulling the parts out of the server and putting it inside the case I’m putting the entire server inside a wooden case is holding everything just fine as is actually a really nice design as far as airflow is concerned state is pretty cool it is noisy once again but hey this is the one you server so I don’t want to just completely trash the entire existing case, but I do want to look better so the easiest thing to do and probably the most pragmatic thing to do was just to build a wooden case around so I purchased the project yesterday finished cutting all of the word and today we have to finish all the wood because it is an absolute mess I want the cheapest stuff I could find at Home Depot I was like two dollars per plank these are actually fence posts if you guys haven’t noticed I have someone finish once right here that I have cut him so this is what they virtually look like there a 6 foot fence posts on this is the cheapest thing I could find a Home Depot this project is on a budget once again so I can necessarily afford you know the Bible expensive would so this will work just to take a little effort to make it look nice so now I need to go through every single point I have down here and sit down so starting with but 80 grit in and moving to 120 grit on I have an electric sander right here which I accidentally had a person had to do everything by hand at first which would take in like 4 to 5 hours of this this process should only take an hour the thing is last night to send her actually broke so start sending it just fell apart so we had to work a little epoxy magic last night but it does appear to be working now so I can finish a job so right now I have the space heater here on high most of the stuff I have left accepting all the stuff I do can be done inside there’s not too much salt is generated from what I had to do next on the leader’s house outside is because salt 70 becomes a nightmare in here no filtration or anything when a maxi cutting stuff I’m sending stuff down so all that is to be done outside we need to draw all the holes on the case so there is a bunch of holes in the front panel punch holes in the top cooling couples inside cooling and then one before the back he will is do for now I skipped a number three because I really didn’t get much done on the number three times a week for much have everything stay now it’s almost ready to be put together any decoder everything in a layer to a polyurethane first and then I’ll assemble it these pieces are here there’s one on the side actually spent a fight with the server around the front face of the server right so we had these two sections of metal that extrude up from the side both of these need to go because I do not feel the case to account for these these serve no purpose when the things inside the case I’m sawing going to have to cut them off so that is the next step on and after had these off on going to start assembling the case that is the number five I believe in this one had to leave for a couple days I just got back some little if you wanted a single back and watch the footage some pretty shirts the number five and I just realized that I forgot to drill exhaust holes on the back case so there are plenty of holes for air intake but there are no holes on the back the server to allow the case so basically only he just builds up in the back of the server case in the service can over the because this is the back panel and only boy on the back panel is the whole to allow the wires to run out of so that’s a big problem now everything is simple polyurethane on it so I’m kind of upset at myself I should’ve done multiple views on the schematic back you would be very helpful because I would’ve realized that they are missing the exhaust holes in the not sure what it is but it is around the drill holes are chipping really badly and it’s not just with this it’s with every boy fueled with these drill bits so I’m not certain drill bits are Dole or if I’m just doing something wrong which is probably the case to be honest for the woods causing this happen is just cheap wood or the wood to boisterous up like that I I’m not really sure but it looks really really bad around the edges missing a close-up shot of that you see the world around the holes was actually chipping so looks really really really rough over here not so much but towards this end, Lottie’s full serve really poorly done this in case right now I want to make sure and it does fit so neatly unless the front and I didn’t stall the hinges on the side to get a better look at this when I rolled the bee role is just a preliminary look at we got going on here so I put some rubber padding on the top end up below as well to train dampen the vibrations from the server I’m not sure how well this things can be in here I’m hoping that the enclosure dampen some the sound coming from the server because the server is very very very noisy as you guys can see it is a nice snug fit inside the case on the sides he that scratch a little bit when I put it in on that’s those little metal pieces are still sticking out as remnants from the little site things that I cut off now if I do something like this again you do is allow the front of faceplate to full downs you can actually access via hard drive bays on the from the system because of this configuration can unfortunately and I did think that I was thinking about doing that by the sun not to just to Tennessee some time and you simplify the scope of this project now as far as you don’t personal satisfaction is concerned and it’s it’s okay right now I probably give this a solid C you and and will take a look at what exactly is in top it off this case I talk about some of the issues and run into already there are one or two more things I really don’t like about what I did here unfortunately it looks like you have to wait a couple weeks to finish or ugly friend back here because all the parts from China still have not arrived almost all of them have I ordered the parts four weeks ago and I’m waiting on a thermometer to circular thermometer to go in the front right here and I was trying to find a substitute my local craft stores I cannot I was looking for a small clock because I thought they might carry something like that on but for some reason Hobby lobby and Michael’s to carry anything like that in part two of this video going to finish off the case for you though the server inside and run some benchmarks even causes any sort of optimal issues will check the temperatures of the server before open the case and after he put inside the case almost going to install went to 18.04 on it and then you got to do it after everything is said and done because I do have additional plans for the server and the case after he finishes project and I think you guys again alike when going to do a bit less me about it for this video keep an eye out for part two of this video I will post a link to part two are in the description of this video when I actually get publishes can be a couple weeks before, get part two pushed out the because once again God wait for shipping thanks what you guys and I was you in the next installment of a computers and technology

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