Complete Tech Studio Renovation – It Turned Out Awesome!



I completely overhauled the studio area for the new year. I was going for a much more warm and rustic look and I think I hit the mark perfectly. I added new wall art, MDF wooden background, and new lighting.

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Prop plant:

10W LED edison bulb:

Hanging pendant lights:

Wooden Edison lamp:

Light bulb socket to outlet adapter:

Fancy curly Edison bulbs:

Cable clamps:

Cherry frames:

Poster Frames:

Fat fancy Edison bulb:

Patent prints:

Worth Home instant pendant llight:

MDF pallet wall paneling:

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Hello guys and welcome to this behind-the-scenes video over my winter break I’m going to be making some huge changes over here at the channel I have a gap in between school and on my contract for my other job so for the next steadily for weeks I’m going to be focusing solely on the YouTube channel so a big part of that is actually renovating the studio and also about that in just a second all of this right behind me is going to get a big visual makeover and in another part of that is pushing out a ton of content actually partnering with PC server and parts again of they sent over a really really beefy server and I have a cool project planned out for that server and I’m super excited about it back to what we are all here for the Heinz this behind-the-scenes video and if you guys can tell on these behind-the-scenes videos are pretty informal usually don’t make too many cuts that might be an exception because I’m in a do a lot of our time-lapse footage of a generally these are two formal this is actually serious I’ve been doing for a very long time the only is that I’m actually uploading this behind-the-scenes video to the YouTube channel and I will now be doing that from now on because unfortunately I’ve been not downgraded to the second-tier Internet plan I don’t have high-speed upload anymore so I will not be of the host the behind-the-scenes video on the on-site server which is back there in the closet now let’s talk about visual upgrades so one can change the my notice I’ve made already Simon stones pendant light right here on this testing now making sure everything arrived in one piece and it did not were actually missing a piece right here there’s a little up recipes that supposed to cover this white fitting and so I contacted the company sold by work-at-home products and they immediately got back to me so they’re sending the peace over muscle great customer service from them now the cool thing about this is that after because can see it but it goes right over a recessed can light fixture just like that one has my recessed light in so this actually goes right over that you don’t have to do any sort of electrician work out really easy its plug-and-play asking see I didn’t cover the can completely just because I put this on as a test I didn’t center it sick and still see a small piece of the recessed light coming out from their but once I actually get the background and so open over the place so all this stuff is coming off and I’m going to put wood paneling on here so on in the wood paneling from Home Depot and put all this back on and in addition to the wall art I have here have a bunch of new wall art along with frames for its I got new frames and then I got some smaller out poster frames just want to that’s when the inactive posters and then we have some smaller poster frames in here not all the stuff that you’re looking at in this pile is off for the coming grade so I have new lighting accounts and the lights are here there is a a string of lights in this box 100 what Edison Ellie Diebel 400 what equivalents sorry it’s actually a 12 walk all in and budget cable ties and some extra lighting now this is going to be a multi-day projects and therefore probably a very very lengthy video so if you don’t like sitting through long videos this is not going to be the video for you so why you staring at the ceiling right now will this is the first part of the projects want to do is put a wooden beam up here amount that with us to instill floor phylacteries of the room talking down to second among the ticket would beam not from that process like this recessed light and then from that wooden beam I’m going to hang pendant lights all the way down the wall not call this a beam and that’s a little bit of an overstatement because this really isn’t meant to bear any sort of low this is actually what you’re supposed to for landscaping, but it looks all nice and wrapped up on after I paint over it and finish off some the finances with a sander, it should look a lot better than it is now is actually synthesized so we must compete on someone have to cut about 2 feet of this on off and I can ascend down and think unfortunately almost all the footage from the wooden beam pinned in my installation was lost my camera eats all of the clips except for the one you’re watching right now and I really want to show you guys up are the project because personally it was my favorite part of the project I really liked on building this I mean is a simple light fixture by think it looks pretty neat as I started out by cutting the wood down to about 8 feet send the wood down put a layer of stain over and unfortunately the stain that I bought was terrible that she went on like paint and it was a lot more brown than I thought would be it was labeled as premium stain in the Home Depot stain section but it was really anything but premium I would’ve been better off of going with a cheaper stain now despite that fact still think this turned out pretty well my mounting solution worked out well was easy to get this thing up and onto the ceiling at that point since I had the light fixture mounted it was time to add the MDF wood paneling so time to pull everything off the walls at the wood paneling down and nail into the wall studs so that’s what the next montages can be and of course after that I had to hang all of the wall art backup and here you are this is the almost complete studio and I’m saying almost because I am missing one critical component that every single tech channel on YouTube must have in order to be considered a official tech channel and start component is actually sitting in a box right over there working on box it in GR’s the second around the studio real quick because there voice asks you how this recording here actually work on first off so when the questions I get is how you record like this will you know these two big monitors in the way and the way have to set up is the secondary vertical monitor actually folds back and now the way for when recording so I just take it back over here and now I have plenty of room to record like so now secondly let’s take a look at how the light works over here because if you haven’t noticed it is a little bit dark on the desk now there is no above head lighting there is not a recessed light right here so generally you know if you try to come here to be pretty dark so this is what I’ve done this is my solution to the problem so have to drafting lamps one has a a 60 W LED bowl in it and everyone has a 100 W equivalent on Ellie people than it so these both just pull out like so and depending on how much light I want I can never centered this one wore this one appear right over the desk and now I have plenty of light to work with looking at the backdrop you can see that this looks way different from what I originally had that was the whole point of this little renovation so right here I have replaced that white lamp with the smaller lamp we have all of our NASA posters on the bottom I move that big spatial picture over to the side right there so still have that sticking around because I do like the ice can find a place for your looked really out of place because the way that the frame is it’s a silver frame and it just doesn’t look quite right against the wood backing some pattern art right here are some old NASA documents at the top down from the Langley library there getting rid of these they just put them out for people to take on sort of be cool to offering these also have the same over here is a couple NASA documents and there are some Centennial stickers and come over miscellaneous stickers I have our raspberry pie portal arts right there on my head that made I made myself and actually do that in on Microsoft Office PowerPoint and I just had a pretty through eBay it was licked by bus to get them printed Ira Noyce asked me to wear where to get that from work I buy that what the answer is again because I made myself there you could easily make the design and have it printed on eBay for like books once again we have some scotch on the shelves if you back you can see that this kind of looks more like a bar than a set seek a camera over here this was something about from Graziano just been sitting around the pool to put it out your little android number bottle scotch logo a little bit more wall art off to the side and here’s a small detail that you might not notice but did take a significant amount of time and that was redoing all of the cable management so I originally had like 3M command strips here holding on this in place on and all the time so I gave up and I bought these are cable clamps that are screwed to the wall on so these are permanently in the wall they are pretty easy to remove, but they are not going anywhere unlike those are 3M command strips so I completely redid via ethernet cable management and I also did the same sort of cable management over here and under my desk so you can actually see than the time-lapse is open-ended off-camera because severally relevant to you guys it’s it’s more somebody for me because in the wood with it just a small detail on monster out there okay so now it’s time to throw the finishing touches are actually just the finishing touch on her studio and it is sitting inside the box let’s open and here we go so I can see I did order some more acoustic panels relevant for this patient have going on and who here we go what could it be it is that same generic green IKEA plan that you see on every single tech channel have one now right so let’s make it official I hereby christened this renovation is complete nationwide guys that may be about it for this behind-the-scenes video you the looks really really out once again I just take this link on it possible to decide really really really loving how this turned out to have new year happy holidays I was you guys in the next installment of a computers and tech knowledge he oh and one more thing I don’t get questions with regards to where I bought all the stuff coming so that I made myself like beyond lighting up there but for instance the frames the posters pendant lights and all that stuff over the links all that down in the descriptions of you guys want to grab me but feel free to check the yacht description for the links

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