Hundreds of Free Songs and Sounds For Creators


A couple viewers have asked about where I get the music I use in my videos. 95% of my music comes from the YouTube Audio Library, the other 5% I make myself (usually does not turn out very well though 😛 ).

The YouTube Audio Library offers creators hundreds of royalty free tracks of all genres and styles. Finding music that suites your needs is easy thanks to several search options and even a search bar if you are looking for something specific. You can search music by Genre, Mood, Instrumentation, and duration. One thing that I like in particular is that you can filter out music that requires attribution vs no attribution. Most of the time I already have 10+ links in my video descriptions so I opt for music that does not require attribution in order to avoid additional links.

YouTube Audio Library

Sampling and downloading music is quick and painless, there are no hoops to jump through. To the left of each song listing there is a play button. If you have a fast enough Internet connection you can sample / playback music instantly after clicking play. To find a song that I like I usually just go down my filtered list and listen to a few seconds of each song presented. Once you find something that you like just hit the download icon to the right of the song stripe and the music will download to your specified download directory. It’s that easy!

YouTube Sound Library

The Audio Library also offers countless sound effects which do not require attribution. Towards the top of the library page you will see two tabs, one labeled “free music” and the other labeled “sound effects”, switch over to the sound effects tab. From 18V cordless drills to creepy moaning (don’t ask me), if you are in need of a sound clip chances are you will be able to find it in the sound effects section.

It seems like a lot of people do not know about this treasure trove for creators so I decided to write a quick article about it. If you need music for a video, project, or presentation the YouTube Audio Library should be the first place you head to!

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