I Bought a 2011 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor From a Govdeals Auction



I have bought several bulk computer lots from Govdeals in the past. Today we are bumping things up an octave with my biggest purchase yet from Govdeals, a 2011 Crown Victoria police interceptor. I was looking for a fun project car to mess around with and the CVPI fit my budget and is a ton of fun to drive ( a big step up from my 2011 Prius, which is a great car, but not exactly super high in the fun factor).

Since the car I bought was 200 miles away, I did not get a chance to inspect it before placing a winning bid. The car did however have it’s maintenance records posted on the govdeals page, which was a huge contributing factor to why I bought this car. Today we will find out if this old beat up police car will make it from Raleigh to Virginia Beach fresh off the auction lot.

The plastic plugs I bought to fill the equipment holes: https://amzn.to/2GWHcia

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We had a couple episodes in the past were gone and bought some old computer lots of God deals won’t today we are setting things up a bit because they’re just buying computers I bought a car 2011 police interceptor Crown Victoria automobiles for 2160 and believe +84.5% I should be going down to Raleigh to bring it back to see what kind of condition it is and I will lay down right so were about to leave here and I had everything that we need in the back of the car so I got duck tape for the holes in the roof the car on the puts a new duct tape over those holes before you leave because it’s a 200 mile trip in a pretty should be running the entire time back Thompson replace all the duck tape that was originally on the roof we had a jumper boxer here because I’m pretty sure the batteries going to be dead take to put the trick permit on the window and speaking trip permit this folder has all the paperwork so has the other fuels buyer certificate and the trip permit as well which I need to get the seller to sign when I get there many are pumped right here because I’m not sure if the tires are going to have Aaron than when we get there day did take the nice tires often put some old tires on the car, hopefully they hold air but if they don’t I got this just in case and then we have to bounce a gas which is enough to get that Crown Vic about 45 miles to the nearest gas station so it’s raining in a closed-door hearing in the car were to head down to Raleigh it took us just under 3 1/2 hours to make it to the Raleigh fleet management facility I did all the usual auction paperwork at the title and had the trip permit signed and then the man named Tyler’s into the left walked us to the car now Tyler was awesome probably one of the nicest people I have talked to a picking up an auction asset insisted on helping us get the car running he put out his own chum boxes and pretty much did all of the war who is great he was so nice and though it did take a while eventually the car cranked over and so this thing runs we are way to build it’s running fine not only on this put you down to guesstimates we got into the gas station and fill the rest of it off and I sold the engine start for the first time so as to be interesting let’s see if this software will make the 200 mile drive back to Virginia Beach from Raleigh so she was running a little low on oil so I have one of the sheets grabbed the court of off IW 20 and outcast than the engine and we should be good for the trip home, needs replaced oil once you know we actually get home and place a lot of things on this car all the fluids are to be flushed out pretty much except for the transmission fluid because they just did that at 92,000 miles going to the maintenance record so that’s good so now we have our 200 mile journey ahead of us and let’s see if this thing I will make it back if it does make it back without any incident measure many video clips I hope that I do not have to record again till I get home because if I got recording and by means of the car broke down the side road and that would not good obviously 200 miles later and we are finally home now not the film for too long because I am getting Tahir now that was a very long ordeal I think in total that took eight hours to actually go down get the car do the paperwork and then come back not coming back was a bit of a pain because traffic was absolutely terrible but the car made it just fine for all 200 miles I didn’t have one issue with but he was stuck in the door my God didn’t have an issue for talking to the key out selects can and I’ll show you something interesting and is completely dark right now so to me second that went on and closed song over more the details on the car tomorrow what works what does and what needs to be replaced and repaired for the most part the scars in really good condition by do need to do some work on it before ticket inspected as you can see the battery is working let’s test the battery anchoring this bad boy out there we go beautiful so you can see the lifeless and the battery thinks the car just fine and if we check out the files we have on here that’s 103,275 miles and I didn’t know the hours I’m going into this and was not listed on the government deals listing for this vehicle so take a look at hours he can see that this vehicle has started hours this will cause 6386 hours which is pretty high on for a car like this now usually these police interceptors range between 4000 to 6000, little bit on the high side here 64 2011 model on but once again the court does appear to be running without any issues right now and I’m probably jinxing myself but you’ll despite the high hours this thing still chugging along just fine so see you guys tomorrow will take a closer look at this car finally got permission to park the car in the garage unfortunately it is a little dark in here I try to settle some studio lights to make things a little brighter, but only two of them so there only to do so much to be a little dark at some points in the video I do apologize for that in advance I will take the car outside but it’s just pouring right now it’s been pouring for the past 3 to 4 days and supposed to rain on for the next three days so you know I’m not get a chance to really bring this car outside and fill your preface for discussing on the car is clean the house electrical contacts following some WD-40 because I did replace the battery went to Walmart this morning with my dad and surprisingly my dad actually offered to buy his battery so that was $50 safe for me really appreciate my dad coming out here not helping me with this project, he’s actually pretty excited about this car he really likes his car he’s been helping me get it up to spec on for state inspection I do not insured right now so that’s one step done so insured I got the state inspection, and then we have to go to get this thing registered so in order to pass inspection one to replace some of the lights here so when I was driving down from or driving up from North Carolina I realize that this headlight right here was not functional I was not working I went to Walmart and ball of gold to replace it and it turned out that the bold that was already in the car was not connected for some reason so I reconnected it that light works now the running light right here does not work so I can replace Apple all the lights on outside work and there is one more light in the back on them currently in the process of repairing so that is the third brake light in the back window and it turns out that I’m not sure why they did this might just been on for a piece of police equipment but they cut one of the wires see right to become one of the wires for that back brake lights on free sure I need this to be functional in order to pass inspection on there is a wiring harness in the trunk right under here mostly guys out that one of the traffic really do that right now because this is can take a barely fits in the garage this is about the same size as our Ford expedition extended version of this thing is just massive this is a really really big car on the whole are going to be lots of some plastic plus I got was coming in from Amazon and put some silicone seal around them so on the water leaks in because the state is starting to go I don’t think this is really watertight at all and I’m hoping that no one in there while the score was sitting in the lot most part it really looks pretty clean there’s no leakage around the valve covers I don’t think there’s any oil leaking out from under the engine that does appear to be a little bit of oil right here but that was actually for me I went to that court oil in the car yesterday in order to get it out from Raleigh to hear I’ve spilled a little run the oil Anticipated all around here so that was my fault it is not leaking from the oil Around the side of the must face over here there’s are a temporary registration in the window and sports cosmetics go person really good condition you can see some impressions him from the decals in the car I feel about these out by scrub hard enough on the is a very good condition I need the car wasn’t such a weird paint scheme there be no need to paint this car is excellent I mean only flaw I found the paint is right here where they had the entire amount you can see that there is a little bit of rust from where the motion of antiwar way to paint on I can’t really get the tape off pronounced this duct tape has just disintegrated so badly that will peel off and scrape it off but that’s the only blemish in this paint that I have the excellent conditions of this paper low numbers drive around like this passing state inspection so we got to hear the lighting I should have all of them by tomorrow the Bible more bold from Walmart and of course fix the wiring back there should take more than a day easy job the second to take care of RV tires these tires are in very very very rough shape when they are Goodyear Eagles so these were decent tires one point but you can see that hates it’s bad it’s pretty bad in the ones on the front are a little bit better there’s a little more tread on those in a warlord more evenly than the back tires did, but still need to be replaced so I thought tires from Walmart pricing 280 bucks total nothing fancy just some cheap tires to get this thing through inspection and I’m going to get those installed on Thursday so want this thing inspected by next weekend is can have them change the oil to because it’s only like 20 bucks on it started and been the shop so might as well just you know do it then how to be safe because once again this thing is a little bit low on oil oils bit or commented that we use a no oil change and Walmarts a quick and easy way to get that done and here’s a better look at the inside can see that yes the seats are pretty dirty but the upholstery itself is in good shape so that use of its team back and it should take most of the stains out there is a small rip on the drivers seat right there and to do that is undisputed so it shuts of this any bigger and but see covers over both this front seat because that’s what I usually do my cars anyway on the floor is vinyl albeit very dirty so that’s can be cleaned as well data center console in the middle right there just also have somewhere to put all my stuff on there is one full fault log down here you can barely see it right there and then you can see our final backseats which are in very good condition no rips no tears on the back is in excellent shape besides the fact that the doors do not open from the inside there is the more cosmetic things went on to the first one is the steering wheel the steering wheel is pretty born down, and put a wheel cover on this anyways not a big deal headliner right here just in this area this only place where this is happening but it seems like it’s starting to sag down just a little bit ever so slightly and the rest of the headliner is in excellent condition so I might try to fix this but putting some glue the kind of hold it in place appear on for the time being something any worse and also the window trim/rubber seals one or two chunks missing out of them on the site and on the site as well so when I take this into Mako to get painted I might have them rip replaces little piece just makes sure no waters running down in their Ali I know this can be big question so yes the spotlight does work I forgot to mention that area to me about it for this video from the trunk and I’m not one to live so let’s take a look at the truck wall was a something just so I forgot I left it to push on the truck that I just put something that if there since it is very tiring here which is in decent condition that gives okay spare tire and just look at how much room is in this trunk I was blown away when I hope in this truck is a is no way there’s just so much space in the back here and you can see some of the other miscellaneous wiring up here that would have to troubleshoot and find the correct wire to connect back up to the brake light once again how things would be too difficult but another breakout multimeter instructor and take like 30 minutes to go through the motions next to get it working one more thing the post the entire maintenance record for this vehicle at the end of this video to scroll down through it is pretty lengthy so you can eat up the extra five minutes of this video but I feel that something that a lot of people don’t get to see this car has had an interesting history and has had a lot done to it so it was in a front end collision father had to do a lot of repairs on the cooling system I believe they had to replace the AC blower fan and the AC condenser as well because of the collision you can really tell just by just looking at it I mean I see no evidence of a front inclusion on this card also has some other new ports such as a new alternator and a new cooling fan motor generally seen there because both my studio lights have died if you want to see the full maintenance history of the carbon skin select three times already here will be at the end of this video now will was a look at this on 2011 Pretoria police interceptor that I bought from auction four 2160+ a 12.5% option fee 90 some people believe that is pretty high price to pay for a car like this to keep them I think that in the south east you know these cars easily go for three grand to four grand the 2011 models do anyway you could get a 2005 model for around 1500 it’s a lot cheaper to get these cars in the North East unfortunately I check out some of his cars and all the way way way way too four-way on for me to actually be able to go out and get them and try them down, I was even nervous about trying this thing down and we had a 200 mile journey in a car that I bought online so it’s really nerve-racking thoughts actually do that because you know if you’re gonna get stranded on the side the road anything with these cars unless you actually go and inspect them in person then with of the old online auctions that’s really not always the case

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