Install and Run Portable Windows 7/8/10 Off a Live USB Flash Drive



In today’s Software Sunday segment I am going to show you how to create a live installation of Windows 7/8/10 on a USB flash drive using WinToUSB. WinToUSB allows the user to create portable Windows installations on practically any USB storage medium.

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Hello guys” is also software Sunday notable years ago I made a video almost identical to the one I installed a light installation of Windows 7 to a USB flash drive today were to be doing nearly the same thing except today I have proper screen castings software screen testing hardware proper camera to cut the crap that’s right he does feel as short as possible so let’s get started today we are installing a light installation of Windows 10 to a USB flash drive this approach is can work with pretty much any USB storage device greater than 16 GB in size using a last drive USB hard drive etc. etc. secondly this approach only works with Windows 7 Windows 8 or Windows 10 I have tested this with Windows XP past I cannot get to work with Windows XP so you’re limited to those three operating systems and the process across all three operating systems is pretty much identical so what I do for Windows 10 can also be applied to Windows 8 and Windows 7 so let’s hop over to the screen cast and get a live installation of Windows 10 up and running on his USB flash drive and enterprise that is actually working a lot into this obvious lesson over the 60 I actually boot the light installation of Windows 10 office USB flash drive the first thing we need to do is grab the latest version of wind to USB open your web browser and Google when to USB click on the link to the ECU EFI site and click on the download link alternatively you can find the link to the ECU EFI site in the description run installer executable and click your way through all the prompts for this tutorial I’m just gonna leave everything set to their defaults before you can create a live Windows install using when to USB you need to first download and iso file though as you wish and stall your USB storage device for Windows 10 normally this is done by using the media creation tool to generate and iso file unfortunately though the free version of wind to USB does not support installing the latest build of Windows 10 which shut the moment is 1809 now to get around this we need to hunt down an older build and to make things even more fun Microsoft does not host a public facing archive of all their older bills I was able to track down a site listed on stock exchange that host builds of older iso’s now I can’t guarantee that these items are clean so please proceed with caution however the 1703 Bill but I selected does work with when to USB help with the link to the stock exchange thread with the link to the site electric rights iso’s in the description after you have your iso file you can begin the wind to USB installation process open when to USB and select iso option to the top left open image file Explorer and navigate to the Windows iso file you just downloaded and double-click on it as a sign note when to USB can also create portable USB installations from Windows images on CDs/DVDs or your systems current Windows install however we are not going to look at those in this tutorial after you select your iso file when to USB will ask you to select a partition scheme since we are using an older ThinkPad as the demo system for this video I’m going to select MBR for bio’s if you’re using a newer system it might be a safer bet to select MBR for bio send you EFI option following the formatting process you will arrive at the partition page make sure your boot partition and system partitions are the same set the installation mode to VHD and click next this will begin the installation process now please be patient depending on the speed of your USB device can take over an hour for the installation to complete following a successful installation of ejector USB device and plug it into the computer you wish the booth the live Windows install on turn on your computer and entered a boot menu depending on your system the process to get into your boot menu might differ from what I’m doing here I can access my ThinkPad’s blue menu by pressing F12 repeatedly at the boot screen once you’re in the boot menu select a boot from your USB storage device to realize though not all system support booting from USB know if your machine was built in the last 10 years chances are he probably does all but it turns out it does not don’t worry you’re not a luck yet there is something you can use to boot from a USB device if your system does not support booting from a USB device and that is called the plop boot loader that is PLOP boot loader and if it still exists I will put the link to it down in the description but that’s not something to show you guys how to use because once again I’m not part of this tutorial and that’s pretty much at this works almost identically to a normal install Windows now just go through the a Windows install prompts and you will arrive at the Windows desktop in my case things are very very very slow probably took me 30 minutes just to set everything up because the flash storage I’m using is sluggish and I’m going to USB 2.0 on an old laptop so yeah there is a significant bottleneck there but it does work IVF faster flash media or even a also state drive a drive enclosure you should have a much better experience so that’s pretty much it for the tutorial if all you want to do was install Windows to USB storage device and you can leave right now I do have one quick tip though so sometimes I can get Windows to run on the machine but I can’t get Windows to install on the machine I know that sounds weird but it does happen so what I’ll do is I’ll use when to USB to install Windows onto a solid-state drive in a USB drive enclosure and then I’ll pull that solid-state drive out of the drive enclosure logged into the system set up ports and then boot up to drive and that drive is bootable to set up so I just thought that would be some you guys found neat at something I usually only do as a last resort asked me about it for this video guys any questions comments or concerns go ahead and post come down the common section of dropped a like on this video he didn’t like this video please tell me why and of course you can support us by checking out my Amazon and eBay full it links down in the description things are watching guys and I was you in the next installment of a computers and tech knowledge he

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