Intel i5 School Laptop Rebuild Under $135 Dell E6410



In my last laptop build video I put together a school laptop for under $150 using a Dell E6400 as a base. Though the build turned out well and I was happy with the laptop’s performance, many of my subscribers were disgruntled with the fact that I played things so safe. Instead of trying to find a very good deal like I usually do, I bought the E6400 for typical used market price to allow the viewer to easily stay within the $150 budget I set forth.

In this video I went out of my way to find a Dell E6410, a step up from the E6400, for a price much lower than the market average. I got the E6410 in this video for $50 including shipping. Due to a mistake in the laptop’s listing I got an additional $20 off from the seller but had to pay $7 for another 2GB stick of DDR3. To keep things easy for the user I am going to stick with the $50 figure for the laptop for the final price calculation.

After the addition of the RAM, a 60GB Kingspec SSD, and a new battery I was highly impressed with the performance of the E6410. In synthetics, the results from the E6410 were nearly 100% higher than those of the E6400 and the E6410’s user experience was almost identical to my daily driver, a modified Lenovo T430. In short, we put together a great durable and responsive 14″ daily driver for under $135.

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