Intel Pentium 3 in 2019 Running Modern Windows and Linux – Prepare for Lag



Today we are going to take a look at two modern operating systems running on an IBM eserver xseries 220 server. This isn’t just any Pentium 3 desktop, this machine is equipped with dual processors, can take up to 4GB of RAM, and has a tone internal expansion options. Let’s see if this 2001 behemoth can handle Windows 7 and Xubuntu in a nearly stock configuration.

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The bad boy is server X series 228 Pentium III machine with what gigs of RAM currently installed as PC 133 SDRAM to toss in a solid-state drive with Windows and limits on it now during this video I did try to get a GTX 1060 working in this machine unfortunately that attempt was unsuccessful I was using this PCI I was using this up PCI to PCI E adapter along with the other riser cable and unfortunately I tried everything I worked on this for two days straight trying to GTX 1060 and also educate Bernie to work on this machine to this adapter and no luck I cannot get it working so today we’re going to see words like using this machine 2019 now with the stock graphics stock CPUs and I say CPS because this is a special just one CPU to raise at 1.1 GHz so is a lot more powerful than your run-of-the-mill Pentium III machine and also take up to 4 GB of RAM internal I/O thing is loaded this is a very capable machine from back in the day the submachine was actually manufactured in 2001 70 garage sale like three years ago for a box and just sitting in the back of the way to do something with it so GTX and 60 to work week organ have never everyone’s machine so stay tuned and I feel I will talk a GeForce 6000 along with more RAM and we will try to run some benchmarks maybe three Mark we can get working on this machine then but for now see what it’s like using this tool Pentium III machine with two modern operating systems so I have Windows 7 installed on this SSD unfortunately this machine will not run Windows 10 but it will run Windows 7 ultimate on and then I also have been to 18.04 installed on a number solid-state drive so let’s hook this thing up to the screen cast and see how miserable this to use modern operating systems on this Pentium III machine from 2001 Sagan sort of think this as a let’s play but instead of playing game we are taking a look at a very sluggish installation of Windows 7 and of course in a look at Minix running on this machine as well I haven’t been to 18.04 sitting on a solid-state drive right next to me but these operating systems boot up pretty quickly and that is mainly due to the fact that once again both these operating systems are running off a SSD so that’s pretty much the only change I made to the system now you can see have Windows 7 open right in front of us on a pretty low resolution of this kind of reminds me of those notepad tutorials back in the day that show you how to get like free RuneScape membership can see that were running at 10 to 4 x 7 68 now this will go all the way up to 1080 P necessitates a 1080 P because the user experiences read he painful at that resolution systems almost unusable to me I have run Windows 7 on a machine like this and a good to the three years probably on and the law the resource I used to use to get Windows 7 working on older hardware like this has since disappeared or David had a hard time getting all my old applications I use use on for example on million right here applications open pretty quickly on this machine so here just using it for basic office tasks like browsing the web as you see we’re doing here and works all day definitely not you know a pleasant user experience it seems like it is so far below section try to go to the site you’ll see that this subsystem comes to a screeching halt. To read it real quick all God that is not what I want to see okay so it turns out the first thing on it was something that I could not show on struggling with all of those images you can see that some the stuff isn’t even loading you can use Reddit a site like Reddit with a lot of images on it but it is definitely a bits luggage and also struggles my site is my site does have quite a few images on it as well our usage really is not bad still is a very very very lightweight browser and you can see that it does she support playing YouTube videos though as you would expect the videos playback as a slight show just pop open WordPad will do it yes it did so hello guys sexy but there see that one skin graphics wise we are dying over here I mean despite the fact that we don’t have the video card systems working okay and the harvest is not the Internet that well so I mean this is the system’s performance with only 1.5 gigs of RAM and without a graphics card and it’s okay it’s not what I would consider to be a usable daily driver but I think there is potential there for this to actually be a pretty usable system welcome to use Ubuntu 18.04 yes system program problems detected and that is not the fault of Ubuntu that is the fault of the system configuration so we are locked at 6 x 4 80 settings are your can see that just as all the Windows having a source opening applications are concerned everything’s pretty responsive to graphics are still God awful Jesus look at that that is just painful to watch so we have a lot more applications that we can mess around with on been to him to try to keep this short all open up an office out as I did with Windows so this is Libby office and will try to move it to multitasking as well have Firefox installed on the system so will pop that open all my God this is Tara this is so back tonight I responsive but just the you why everything so big and the area that we actually have available to type it is just so small I can only see you like one for the paper right now seems responsive and works in the same thing goes for the next time it’s really not a pleasant user experience right now and is a Firefox ever going to open here hello Firefox Dario were getting something as I said earlier we do have a little bit more RAM to utilize right off the bat so things should be a little bit better with soup into go I’m not really noticing too much of a difference right now is still kinda sluggish and that six 40 x 4 80 screen resolution is killing me it’s PG-13 all show it of its past that and it’s like racist stir anti-somatic or something like that I’m not can show it because I don’t want that garbage on my channel I don’t want to be associated with any of that at all so I think this is okay now and then I’ll change the God now granted we are running at a significantly lower screen resolution but this is actually pretty darn responsive will that looks is not look roughly see that you are actually a lot more responsive on Firefox with soup into it’s interesting because if you remember when I tried to load the page at first with 1 million honey we could even scroll down it was for much just walks I mean this is still sort of a slideshow below but less of a slight show yeah that’s that’s not that’s not really watchable so I thought there were some built-in benchmarks on this operating system I think I was thinking of been to which I was using earlier was assigned to switch to soup into so were not can be of the run those of the fort that this does have some games installed them that it’s going through here for about three minutes now China but again actual place of this one out I double click okay bowl okay like keeps popping up what is going on right now so I think the goal here is getting understand what were supposed to be doing well now you know I had to move it will more time to I will works as a a brief look at trying some daily tasks on Windows 7 and soup into 18.04 next video featuring the system we will have more RAM I will have a yoke or the waxy work this is my really disappointed that the GTX 1060 will not work the system through the PCI to PCI on either after I might look into that s’more spent two days on it and pretty much tried everything I could possibly think of on and find online me about it for this field I was a pretty painful book Apple operating system to graphics on this they are just awful all my gosh they are not responsive at all very very painful to watch for me and I know you got the exact same way so I’m really looking forward to getting a functional video card into the system because I think once we do that the system actually has a lot of potential think you get what you guys I will see in the next installment of a computers and tech knowledge he

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