Kingston 32GB MicroSD Card Review (1549PY1801N)



I have a couple more products related to video production coming in and in order to review them I needed to get my hands on another high capacity microSD card.  The Kingston 32GB class 4 microSD card offers great performance at a very low price point.  I bought this off Amazon for $6.99 and at the time I am writing this article it is one of the cheapest 32GB cards on the market.  Don’t let the price fool you though, its performance beats some of the lower end class 10 cards.

Kingston 32GB MicroSD card (3)

The unboxing was simple thanks to Amazon’s frustration free packaging, this time I was actually satisfied with the way they packaged the product (click here to see what they did to the last card I ordered!).  Inside the plastic holding container I found a little warranty pamphlet, the microSD card, and the microSD to full sized SD card converter.  There’s not much to talk about here.  The text on the warranty paper was so small that I did not bother to read it (though apparently there is a lifetime warranty on this card) and the adapter was of acceptable quality though the “Lock” slider did feel a bit cheap.

Kingston 32GB MicroSD card (2)

Starting out with a simple file transfer (500MB video file) I was pleased to see write speeds hovering around 10MB/s.  The results from transferring the file back to my laptop’s SSD also looked promising, read speeds were coming in just shy of 19MB/s.

Kingston 32GB MicroSD card file transfer

Running a 1GB transfer using Crystal Disk mark yielded similar results.  Sequential read speeds clocked in a little over 20MB/s and sequential write speeds were just over 10MB/s.  Random read speeds were actually pretty decent for a SD card, 2.5MB/s is right in the middle of the spectrum.  Random write speeds were not great but definitely within the acceptable range.

Kingston 32GB MicroSD card

After transferring 25GB worth of media onto the card and running H2testW I can confirm that the flash memory in this card is real and that its capacity really is 32GB.  H2testW also reaffirmed the 10MB/s write speeds.

Kingston 32GB MicroSD card H2testW

I stuck the card in my Nikon D3300 and started throwing some real world situations at it.  I ran into no problems recording 1080P video @ 60fps with this card.  Single images saved instantly, though when it comes to continuously shooting high density images I would look elsewhere (check out this Silicon Power card).

This is another microSD card that I am very happy with.  The price to performance ratio is outstanding and I could definitely see myself purchasing an identical card in the future.

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