Lenovo Thinkpad PCIe GPU Docking Station (250310U) : First Look



The 250310U docking station allows the user to seamlessly use a PCIe X16 video card with their laptop while it is connected to the docking station. This solution is much more elegant than many of the express card implementations found on the market today. The GPU enclosure is entirely self contained and accepts single slot, half height video cards.

GT 1030 I used in this video ($79): https://amzn.to/2PLHi19

Here is the link that contains the script to fix “error 43”: https://egpu.io/forums/expresscard-mpcie-m-2-adapters/script-nvidia-error43-fixer/

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This Thursday night all the stuff just came in the docking station the GT 30 day off and I really want to unboxed this thing and run some initial tests is stationed is the other noble ThinkPad T503 a van stocking station I got lucky and found one on PC liquidation try to find Wendy’s on eBay like hundred and 50 easily hundred and $30 is ridiculous with her doing these on eBay but what allows you to do is use a desktop graphics card with ThinkPad and I know this is a concept that really exist today and you see a live in a special thunderbolt three but keep in mind this is a docking station from like 10 years ago this technology existed 10 years ago and is really just trying to make a comeback now they say the wrong version of the docking station on to say is that this key better work so I got the docking station the key just came and I paid 19 bucks for the key plus $60 for overnight shipping because I needed it today is part I is the only time I have available to make the first video I let’s see if this set of keys is the one and I ordered the keys in these keys are so old that the guy sent me an email he’s like you sure you ordered the right key no one has ordered these in like years and what you need all my God it worked but alas I should’ve known something was bound to go wrong that was way too easy so the dock is unlocked now but as you can see the connection between the eject button and the latch mechanism right here is severed Sony pushed on the button absolutely nothing happens I have a novel noble talk right here so with this stock we push the button down it engages the latch mechanism to eject the laptop this one is not so I can actually put the T 400 on the dock right now because these two lodges are locked in place and they need to be unlocked in order to put the RT 400 down on the stock know what I could do as last resort is break his little plastic arms off on but I really don’t want to do that because that’s in a pretty much ruined the stock so it’s time to go to Home Depot and buy some screw bits because I do not have a bits for these weird hex security screws so I got all the screws out except for one I just got back from Home Depot like five minutes ago but the outfit said of course you can just buy the pit set yet to buy via a screwdriver to sell the entire purchase is like 20 bucks underneath that but I’m stuck now because someone on design team will be a great idea to stick a screw all the way down there and nothing will reach down there so it’s time to get the drill make this whole figure yet because I’m out options right now this is one of those things that should really have the service manual unfortunately I can’t find the service manual for the 2503 events docking station what I did find was a form post to help me a lot so apparently there are screws and under these little plastic indentations right here some guessing as are here screw here and screw here okay so I still can’t get the thing open there’s probably some hidden screw somewhere and I say probably because I’m up and get it open now because all the letters here came loose so project funds those work not an issue are at least I don’t think it’s convened issue on site for the laptop on here I’m not to build eject it using the eject button though when you have to do is type pieces of off loss around these two little latches also can actually remove the laptop when I need to take it off the dock will you look at that the dock is working now there is no GPU in the GPU enclosure section of the dock right now I have a GT 1030 on standby promises using the key for hundreds integrated graphics so I can do now is turn this off talks to 1030 and install the drivers on the RT 400 and see if I can get the T 400 and might even break the T 60 out here right now because the T 60 is a little bit more RAM and better CPU than this machine does and were to see if we can get the 1030 to work with the docking station it is 11 o’clock about four hours later and after much much much much troubleshooting and talk about what I did to get this all working on towards the end of this video and of course I’ll take you inside the century were the GPU was as well but right now our seriousness so I left for dad running on the ThinkPad T 60 we have AIT 7600 and here with 3 GB of DDR two RAM along with the GT 1030 which is right under here running Leopard at two almost almost max settings at the turn of the buildings down because of it was a little bit jumpy but after turn those things down it is crazy what this can do and I let the gameplay speak for itself in a crime will in an Jamie will be having a good laugh… Take a quick look at the advanced stock itself of course I publish the full video and medical little bit more in depth this is just can be a quick overview so obviously really have to manhandle this thing to get the laptop to even dock with this docking station hustles in pretty rough shape right now but it doesn’t work what I had to do was instead of taking that off loss approach as I mentioned earlier I just forced both of these retaining clips in the outback position permanently so I can freely put the laptop on and freely remove it sorry video card is on the bottom and the video card compartment right here that’s the slow plastic panel sought by the soft you will see far GT 1032 guys are looking at the back of the 1030 right here and asking see what that heatsink this is a slot card and it just barely fits there’s just a little bit of clearance in between the plastic right here in the heatsink on the GT 1030 so this bad boy out because there’s something else I want to show you guys as you guys might remember I said earlier that yes this does have a PCI X 16 slot but actually only getting PCI X1 per PC IE X1 band with him and you can actually see that this PCI X 16 slot is just a riser card there’s a PC IE X1 slot right here so this is breaking out into a PC IE X 16 sauce you can put your PC IE X 16 graphics card in here and then also there is a little thinner here this thing is deafening at something as a jet engine inside this docking station you can see all of our I/O which have really been worried about for the Spaniards been worried about the up the GPU capabilities of this docking station but you can see we have of your VGA and DVI bunch of USB ports parallel serial up you stupid keyboard and mouse ethernet and then this is where the outputs for your video card would be a nicer guy solid earth where the video card back up you see the status of the looks like so your your according to slide in like so and then outputs would be easily accessible via the docking station that is going to be about it for this video guys it’s past midnight here I’m tired I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get this docking station up and running so once again this is just an initial look at the advanced stock the whole videos can I have a lot more to run a lot of games I’m talking battlefield one Belfield for I want to try to run doom on this I’m also going to break out a couple of the come over benchmarks have 3-D Mark lined up for this along the passmark so a lot more testing is going to go into that video I and I’m also can answer any questions you guys might have about the advanced docking station so go ahead and to those questions down in the comment section my field answer when those questions in the whole video of the advanced stock now also there’s more than one dimension there was a software issue I ran into with window so is getting error 43 dozen was error 43 this device was deactivated when it came to the GT 1030 and there is a script already out on the web that will fix all of this for you all put all the information for that down in the description just in case anyone else trying to get up and running the advanced stock and is having the same problem because it took me a good two hours to find that solution I was just messing around I thought the car just wasn’t getting enough power so I have driven external power supply I reinstalled the graphics drivers mobile times and that into anything so finally found the fix online and got the card up and running so that really made my night at that point the next video in the next video we are going to be testing using this T 400 and that’s also why I’m not doing a full like full look video right now is because I need to get the RAM for this machine so I need a gigabytes DDR three for this machine, and a new processor is one probably can go PT 9600 core two duo for this T 400 sorry I really want to spend this machine out to give this docking station and the GT 1030 in it a fighting chance so you can expect this machine out to wait till next month when I have the budget to buy the parts for this time they were gonna make the full video so really excited about that and that will be coming up in probably 3 to 4 weeks I would say at the latest so once again watching guys I got a cleanup here it is just a rack I’ll see you guys next Sunday computers and technology

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