Ludicrous IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T60



Have you ever seen a T60 paired with a GTX1060? Well, you have now….


So this this is a monstrosity this is just crazy can I switch the camera around I don’t think I Kelly I can tonight guys can see me a result of an along I-are running the GD event at 1030 with the advance stock for the IBM/ANOVA piece XD and card is sitting out right here because I stop cards and we are now using a GTX 1060 yes that is a GTX 1060 with a IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T 60 with the events top Binstock 2503 and currently running benchmarks running on a test recording all the footage for the full video but you guys gotta see this I mean is amazing on the way for the a benchmark to load and I’ll show you guys how well this is actually performing at the PCI X 1 PM with still destroying the synthetics but while this is loading out about a second to show you guys right over here because it is an absolute fire hazard this is very ghetto so that is a Molex a Molex to six pin adapter which is then running to a six pin to pin adapter to power the GPU so this GP was very much completely being powered via Molex there is a PCI X 16 riser coming out from the 2503 advance stock and of course also Molex onto power be riser right there so very very very sketchy set up I have your heart and and I did not expect it to work so this pacifier strike at ADP and I don’t shaking will be right now just because I’m so excited not okay that we lost there want to show you guys some benchmark footage and I thought I lost it there for a second so this video is either going to be published doesn’t like that I think this is the physics test is in it and I make sense is not performing variable in the physics test comes of this rig currently has a core two duo in it with only 3 GB of RAM unfortunately now I was originally trying to use a T 400 and completely maxed out the 400, but unfortunately the plan did not work out focus really sucks phone out here ago this is what I’ve been waiting for CR combined test now through the combined test we should be getting around 30 to 40 frames per second does give us it takes forever to load because I have it on this external hard drive I only have a 60 GB solid-state drive which has the lesson in the machine itself and everything else the games the benchmarks etc. are housed on this external drive out to be a regal closure enclosure and is going through USB 2.0 so loading speeds are asked will be painful only halfway there right now eventually will get there so this is also an opportunity to test out this brand-new start to capture card and works there are some quirks of it sometimes it causes the PC to blue screen so I’m still fighting with the capture card, the good thing is you guys will have direct footage for the upcoming video not to be recording three camera but a camera facing towards the screen it’s going to be capture directly through the capture card not performing to open combined test and this is all I’d like I haven’t run this before this is my first time running this test actually capturing this footage for the upcoming video she consuming OBS and capturing the footage by suggesting holographic video card is connected to the laptop so you are sick I went through all that, couple mins ago suggest a step back towards the beginning of the video know we did not score 3 while that’s a lot higher than I expected, so with DDT 1030 and I’m giving away a little bit too much right now and I want to avoid too much with the GT 1030 we got around also around 2500 and I can tell you guys the exact score scroll down look at some the statistics for this and once again I am recording this not getting footage for the video itself want to show everything on the screen captures the guys can see that when the videos have actually published go okay so you can stop this and show you guys one of two mice regular in its throwing me off so if you’re just arriving we are doing something a little ludicrous right here this is an IBM/ANOVA T 60 that my friends is a GTX 1060 yes we’re using this IBM/ANOVA T 60 with that GTX 1060 there is a very very sketchy set up we have going on over here to get a jumper cable to keep the power supply on legs to expand six pin to a panda power the GPU in a PCI riser coming out the 2503 advance stock and it’s working now is not a 20 ADT I am if you want to contribute to the patriarch and maybe us in the some fines maybe one day will build a Florida 20 ADT I bought on stomata and success he pull this directly on my editing rate down here so that car used to be right here and I had to put it back in in order to edit this video back together after I finished recording this footage you start a fire yes that is true very very very true now you can sell the games on to avoid any the game footage yet though, gotta focus on the books very well so those are some the games I was test I cannot give away all the pleasure and I will not however run one more benchmark to run the benchmark voices will be figuring out just because I do not expect this to work this is so exciting I just do this together for the heck of it I thought and I was done I thought all that I got all the footage I needed to put the video together and I put all this in your booty not work right off the bat requires a running to have to fix some things on the I was originally using a really sketchy power supply which I threw all the way over there now using a more sorted out of the test supply will so there you go and shut the frame rate weird about 60 to 70 frames per second in benchmark 75% this is laptop that’s what this is now after I don’t know the manufacturing of this site don’t remember right out of my heading some donut chat on this the I-beam/inability 60 does come out was 2000 and probably run their but anyway very very old laptop I mean we should not be getting these frame rates and with the advance stock 2503 and a GTX 10 6090 frames per second with the heaven benchmark analysis is broader that is 2008 2005 2004 2006 so no one knows apparently 1886 yeah that I mean mice will be 1886 because a galley 50 different replies in their 2006 at 2006 is about right I think was 2006 of course I get the right natural video this is just my stream just mean you you have to take this and you have to really admire how well this is actually working in this is once again through PCI express six this is not doing 16 this is directs one user okay so while this is running and I’m not because you hear me over the music actually turn it down it doesn’t matter to me on my mouse over here turn the music down only guys watch the benchmark because it’s it’s really really beautiful but I couldn’t use the T 400 because there was an issue of the T 400 so PC parts and components sent over a brand-new processor and stomped 8 GB DDR three RAM for the T 400 to upgraded for the upcoming video I installed those parts that people hundred worked fine with all those components but unfortunately for some reason the dock that the T 400 will not boot when docked with the dock it has more than 2 GB of RAM really really really weird issue and some other people having issues a house on a couple forms and is an issue that does exist offer people are having the same issue but I like the solution but there is no solution out there for the problem-solving has any tips for that you know please post a comment on our something in the chat on the light string should have a common section after it’s published right like you that I gets me how the lifestream works versus an actual video but one story short the T 400 would not work with the van stock 2503 which was very disappointing I was a max out 8400 put a was a remnant brand-new processor to make sure that we were holding the thing back at all and’s fell flat as it was really unfortunate but the T 60 as you guys can see is handling it just fine as a mass with CPU has a has a core two duo T 7200 I believe 3 GB of the year to the call for the stream this is working very very well so now I’m going to do is on to finish up the benchmark footage put everything out to the capture card and other games on this I ran some games using the GT 1030 the GT 1030 actually handled everything pretty well on the only thing it struggled with was a battlefield one and was getting her out 10 frames per second on battlefield one with the T 60 so I’m hoping that even with the limitations of BFT 60 that will build a get 30 frames per second on battlefield one that GTX 1060 so fingers and this video wall either be alts this weekend which I think is a long shot now and I’m running out of time or next weekend which is more likely so that’s what you guys hope you enjoyed this short my stream just want to share this with you guys I thought this was pretty cool I’ll see you guys either this week or next week and depending on the videos published so this watching

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