Modern Gaming on a Laptop From 2006 Using the Lenovo Thinkpad 250310U Advanced Dock



The Lenovo Advanced Dock 250310U allows the user to utilize a desktop sized video card with their Thinkpad laptop (supported models: R60, R61, R400, R500, T60, T60p, T61p, T61u, T400, T500, W500, Z60m, Z60t, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t). This is a completely self-contained laptop to instant desktop solution. Today we are going to push this thing to its limits by installing a GT 1030 and running modern benchmarks and AAA titles on an IBM / Lenovo T60 laptop. Later in the video we will take things up a notch by using the dock with a GTX1060.

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when I found out about the Advanced Dock 2503 I was upset I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of this docking station solution before because it addresses an issue that we are still to an extent dealing with today and that is the lackluster performance of laptop graphics today we’re going to look at how this docking station from over 12 years ago and turning ordinary laptop into a graphics powerhouse as per usual not everything went as planned for this video I was originally planning to use a fully specked T 400 for testing to utilize the docs video card to its full potential unfortunately it turns out that due to memory limitations it is not possible to use the T 400 in conjunction with the docs video card with more than 2 GB of RAM installed so instead I broke out my old faithful IBM/Lenovo T 60 from 2006 with a core two duo T 7203 GB of usable DVR to Graham now just a quick thanks to PC server parts they sent over 8 GB DDR three RAM and a new processor for the T 400 which once again it turns out we can use for this video but I do appreciate them helping us out with that name sounds familiar that’s because I bought my dirt cheap 12 core editing Rick from them have some really good deals on very powerful computers on their website and their eBay store including the sporty courser for which I have my eye on right now if you’re interested in checking them out links to their eBay store and their website will be down in the description also a huge thanks to William one of our viewers for sending the event stock over without him this video would not have been possible so yes you’re watching a video pretty much entirely about a docking station and for the most part the 2503 10 U looks like every of her black brick docking station of the era has a docking port on top keylock to the side and a ton of I/O to its rear I mean overall looks pretty old and boring nothing to get excited about both look closely though there are two distinct things will notice one docking station has an integrated power supply is a bit odd into there’s an empty compartment towards its back that compartment can house a half height single slot desktop video card this is a completely self-contained laptop to instant desktop workstation solution so much in this you have a new laptop with subpar integrated graphics or maybe you have an older laptop of aging dedicated graphics when you’re on the go you don’t necessarily need that much video horsepower when you’re back at your desk you need to edit some video do a little 3-D design or train some ML models using food up drop your laptop down on the docking station like this and you can do all of that using the docs dedicated GPU since the stocks release a lot is transpired in the world of laptop graphics we now happen to build enclosures perform a similar function and for priced some laptops now ship with dustup with the graphics out the factory however I still really like the concept of a completely self-contained video card docking station like this allows for an easy transition from a laptop to desktop workflow and provides an upgrade path for your laptop increasing its longevity in providing a better return on investment before it gets to the part of the video that you all have been waiting for let me talk about some the pitfalls of this particular docking station first off these things are expensive sellers on eBay are asking US$150-US$200 for one these things second off internal PCI EX 16 connection which is actually just a X1 connection with AIX 16 riser attached are can only supply a max of 50 W so you are pretty limited in terms of what cards you can use for the segment I’m using AGT 1030 however stay tuned because of later in the video things are going to get crazy in terms of graphics cards third off you cannot use the laptop’s internal screen when it is with a video card I should also mention that the fan on the docking station is deafening and you must completely power off the laptop before docking and undocking in a previous video we looked at some older games and send the bench running on this configuration today we are going to buy things up a bit by running some modern AAA titles and more demanding benchmarks I’ve been talking for five minutes straight now and I know you guys are getting tired of me going to let the following footage speak for itself and now clearly you can see that this is no modern gaming PC drops frames are once in a while battlefield one was unplayable and some game objects and textures didn’t load right and for night now I know this machine and the PC IE X1 limitation is a massive bottleneck regardless we are going to crank things up to insanity enter the GTX 1060 this is absolutely ludicrous I do not expect this to work but it did so right behind me I have this monstrosity going on and what this is a GTX 1060 haired stock with the IBM/Lenovo T 60 this is my boat I did not think this configuration would work out and obviously not practical at all this is just for fun just to see if I could actually do it as is the most powerful card I had pulled it out of my editing Rick right there and with that GTX and 6060s just tearing through the synthetics with three RAM and a core two duo like that and of course you can play some games just as it did with the GT 1030 and runs mother benchmarks are using the screen capture card politically around here and show you what is going on here because it is a complete fire hazard so and via GTX and 60 right there, so yes this is the fire hazard we have going on right here have the Molex to a 16 adapter and I had to run a 16 adapter pin adapter for the GPU so this keyboard here’s actually warm to the touch others quite the current going through their took a closer look at what’s going on sign UI up flew by the last time on I also had to out run a jumper between those two pins to the power supply to come on and we have a PCI express riser cable running from the internal PCI express connection to the GTX 1069 also has a four pin power connector actually has a Molex power connector sorry to correction it has a most are connected is running to it and have that hooked up to the power supply as well so crazy/set we have here and I was doing this as a late-night thing to see you know what would happen in March so let’s run play some games using the GTX and 60 with the IBM/Lenovo T 60 so there you go that was a 12-year-old laptop running modern benchmarks and recent AAA titles by no means is this a performance monster but it’s doubly interesting to see how the concept of a docking station like this can breathe a little new life into an aging machine if you’re wondering why does docking station looks like it was drop off a cliff that is explained in the previous video of this docking station which can be found down in the description if you’re interested in checking out the GT 1030 I used in this video the link to that will also be down in the description thanks or watching guys that is going to be about it for this video very question comes or concerns can drop come down the comment section if you enjoyed this video job like on this video feed and enjoy this video please tell me why and I will see you guys in the next installment of a computers and technology

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    I bought a docking station for my son’s t61p, and the exact same video card as in your video. but the system does not see the device at all. maybe i need to edit the BIOS. please tell me how to be.

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