My 2017 Studio Desk Setup: 4K Monitor, Docking Station, Recording Equipment




Too many people are asking questions regarding the equiptment I use with my studio setup.  Today I am going to make a video that talks about ALL of the gear I use and where you can find it.  This includes my monitors, Nixie clock, rotary mat, computer peripherals, Thinkpad docking station equipment, recording gear, desk, and more.  The only thing I did not mention during the video was my wall art, some of which I had custom printed and some of which was given to me, and the sound padding (link to which will be in the description).


Dell 4K P2715Q monitor:

Dell E2316HR 1080p monitor:

Vivo Dual LCD Mounting Arm:

Logitech MK270  Keyboard Mouse Combo:

Connect Land 17″ Sound Bar:

Vornado Flippi Fan:

Laptop and Monitor Stand:

LG Ultra Wide:

Drevo Mechanical Keyboard:

Neweer Microphone Kit:

Innogear phantom power:

Samson Q2U USB Microphone:

Black Sound Panels:

Black and Blue Sound Panels:

Desktop Stand:

Nixie Tube Clock:


Editing Rig Rebuild:

Thinkpad T430 Build:

Docking Station Build:

Nixie Tube Clock:

PV System:

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