Mystery Used Server Computer Unboxing, Benchmarks, Light Gaming … It’s LOUD



PC Server and Parts sent over a used server for an upcoming project. We discussed some of the spec over the phone and via email but only general guidelines were set. They did not tell me exactly what model they would be sending over. Today we are going to see what they sent us and run it through some benchmarks.

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As you can see we have a massive unboxing ahead of us inside this box is a mystery server that PC server and parts sent over for a project and the project is yet just because it only one still idea on that project is about three weeks because can take me a while to gather the supplies for it but in the meantime I want to bust the server out and see what they sent over the general idea of what I wanted for the project I was looking for when you did to you server around a core 16 gigs of RAM and try and do this over and am not exactly sure what this is that they were to take the server out-of-the-box benchmark install Windows Brunson events may be all will be recording your will run not be more articulate a general performance of this machine I and and nothing about it for this video so is one mistake this box is that the wide-angle lens on the camera to camera all the way back just because this box is so big about 4 feet tall and not why nine LBS and eventually triggers people’s I’m sorry about that it is a sentence but it was the wrong because can take a while to get the spots open all right so take a look at this bad boy looks like they sent us over a saw one you on server there is a hard-driving. Out of 146 GB hard drive according to that label has about the sticker that they have regular pieces of reports on this is a at HP ProLiant system and of the accident is any packing peanuts I forgot when I ordered my editing break from the Michael core editing rate Annecy package their systems in the sort of formfitting home, which is pretty cool to sell the box and the box on the way because it’s just too much to work with Morgan to take a closer look at the system is just a quick shout out to PC server and parts for sending the server over for an upcoming project PC server imparts has a huge selection of dirt cheap powerful servers and workstations on their website and eBay store I actually bought the 12 core desktop I’m editing on right now from them and I’m extremely happy with my purchase you can get a basic decor machine with 24 gigs of RAM for just under hundred 50 box or you can get an absolute behemoth 40 core server for just over $500.40 core’s for 500 box that’s just insane and their prices get even though her things to a coupon code they sent us exclusively for a Viewers of course use this code to get 10% off anything on their website the code and the links their website and eBay store will all be down in the description now isn’t she gorgeous that is what I call a queen machine inside and out actually on outside there is no noticeable of blemish is no big dance there is a couple scratches here and there like right here sites that really really clean on outside sword and start in the front as you can see we had a single 146 GB drive a puppet out and turns out PC server and parts of this over with 8K tried so that is our single 2.5 inch 10K 146 Tbyte Hard drive back in and as you can see we have a lot more space for a lot more storage so we have 7 Additional Dr. bays right here on that we could add additional 2.5 inch drive stew on the front with two USB ports indicator lights and a power button until Xeon inside so yes we are rocking to Quad core Xeon so a course portal and this is a HP ProLiant SCE 316 M1 moving to the inside man check out all of these events and these things are allowed to so I did already powerless on just to check out what the specs were in the bios and when you turn this thing on at first it sounds like you’re standing right next to an airplane it is literally not loud and hurt my ears so I will give you guys that experienced him afterward on taking a look around this machine so you can see the two heatsinks for both of our Xeon processors we have 16 GB of DDR three ramp total there is a PCI express X 16 slot right there the camera would focus on so we will be able to throw a video card and human at RCR GT 1030 into this machine and will run some benchmarks using not only of a storage controller right here I think maybe one I later on I might pull this out and adding a USB 3.0 card because there is turkey guys can see down there because it’s kind of dark but there is additional set of ports right here moving around to the back you can see some additional I/O so we had two more USB 2.0 ports right here to you ports that looks like an ethernet port for the systems management interface we had a VGA video out port serial and then redundant power supplies which is good because this one actually this one out won’t turn on because the span does not work, which is a big deal in the replace it with one of the fans right here but if I if I do that something is going to do after the video I think this might be one the systems that PC server imparts cannot resell so they sent us which is fine because I always wanted was like a server that I can use for the project and this is perfect for the project exactly what I needed and it does run it runs fine but this power supply right here will not come on acting all that out nice and modular that they look like when you come out and get that one so there’s both these modules on each one is a 400 W module or ask him about the plug on the power supplies for the server and when I plug it in you will cure some fan spinning and those are the fans for the power supply are one of the fans are supplied because this fan works in this one does not know giving us closer look at that I want to have the same actually running on so in standby the power supply fans are on is interesting, and everything else is off and then when I hit the power button all the fans will come on and not some is just absolutely deafening so headphone users please please please prepare yourself on Turner going down because this is very loud sound beautiful terrifying same time you hear that power supply fan hammer on removing one stationary on moving the line disciple fan bearing, self relating to the sale slowly moving fairly on their sometimes need GT 1030 in right now just something interesting I thought I’d show you guys so this entire PCI express assembly right here this was worthy of storage controller and this one is for what is going to be our a video card is on a writing system so you can just drop it in like so and when you need to install Cordy to split out the garden so that is pretty neat 1030 is installed and can install Windows 10 on this and run some benchmarks HPP handbrake was not playing well with Windows and so what I said is I felt my feet specs test drive directly through one of the core set of force and I we are running Windows 10 off of that I can see I got the GT 10 setting on just fine inside the system and wanted to run some benchmarks on video been far send us an event as well and I’m going to do that through the screen cast and narration because this thing is just too darn mouth off over but before I do that I just want to show you guys what this thing is pulling I don’t you’re sitting on the Windows desktop right now and the system is drawing a total of quality that you just jumped up but pulling 170 to 200 W right now looking at the benchmarks the CQ performances that we’ve been lackluster got a laugh when I saw the core system can operate 500 and sent a bench they got to keep in mind these processors are clocked pretty low like hyperthreading that are nearly 8 years old at this point. GT 1030 the system actually handle 30 benchmarks decently and playing due in part by five on the server was actually a pleasant experience you know that was a look at the mystery server that PC server imparts and over obviously not a performance monster but I wasn’t looking for performance monstrosity that would not fit for my project requirements and this fits the bill very happy with the server that they sent over and for the final video I will actually be installing clinics on the system not window so I got on my Windows benchmarking on the way guys had any recommendations for good clinic system performance tests now go ahead and put those down in the description because that’s really the only reason I use Windows in these videos is for out performance testing I like all the performance tests like to use on Windows and of course for gaming as well so after I installed the NICs on the system I like runs clinics benchmarks thinks what you guys if you have questions comes a concern to go ahead and drop a comment on the comment section of a light on this video we didn’t like this video please tell me why and worse please not forget to subscribe to you generally do not all ready also to that little bill because for some to channel you clearly don’t want to get locations from them I’ve I’d still don’t understand that and I will continue to complain about that fraternity thanks watching guys and will see you in the next installment of a computer sent technology

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