One 2011 Netbook to Rule All Before it: The Thinkpad X120e



In a world where netbooks are appalling bricks of plastic and disappointment, the Thinkpad X120e rises above. The x100e brought the quality, engineering, and pragmatism found in the Thinkpad line to the netbook form factor. Though it still lacked the performace of its full sized brothers. the x100e showed the world that netbooks didn’t have to be chunky cubes of flimsy mediocrity. Today we are going to take a look at its successor, the x120e , and see what makes it stand out from other netbooks of the time.

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Do you remember when the books were first the thing those beautiful Chinese and bricks of brittle plastics and lowered expectations of course you do because they were just that bad modernist syllables EPC in a room of IT veterans in your experience when the most synchronized collective size you’ve ever heard much like introductory college courses early netbooks were important because they laid the foundation for something bigger down the road smaller more affordable mobile computing but much like a giddy college freshman those pioneering souls who bought one of these were in for a little disappointment I drive an hour each way and paid 1500 bucks for a course that’s basically a high school recap damn right you did but now it’s 2011 next 100 E was released last year which was sort of the US version of the ThinkPad edge and the taller better looking brother of the S 10 – three taxonomy can basically be looked at as a ThinkPad netbook because that’s really what was it brought the style build quality connectivity and price premium of the ThinkPad to a netbook form factor what you’re looking at now is its predecessor X1 20 which looks identical to the X 100 E besides the addition of an HDMI port in the place a USB port which was moved to the other side of the laptop now while we are on the topic of I/O this little 11.1 by a point to buy half inch 3 pound machine sacrifices absolutely no connectivity to its size and has a full-size HDMI port VGA port think about that this tiny little laptop has two video-out ports now today you’re lucky if you get a single video-out port on a full-sized 15 inch machine in this this little laptop has two of them we got three USB ports in addition to that and those are USB 2.0 ports in ST card reader ethernet audio jack WebCam microphones and a 11.6 inch 1360 6 x 7 68 TFT display which surprisingly unlike many ThinkPad screens of this era won’t make your eyes bleed now seriously the viewing angles on the screen are actually okay colors are decent and 1360 6 x 7 68 works perfectly for screen of the size since the screen is so small you don’t notice the individual pixels like you would on say 1366 by some 60 8400 series screen along with all that you get all the typical ThinkPad amenities which include the excellent keyboard these and trackpad TrackPoint and to set the trackpad buttons plus a center scrollbar and surprisingly and over the side and not to get the X 100 E-series that defining rubberized like a lid surface that nearly all ThinkPads have and instead made its move black plastic the design which is just a Honey I shrunk the kids version of every other ThinkPad has aged pretty well because simplicity never gets old simplicity is beautiful especially in an age where everything needs to be a complicated touchscreen interface and dad needs to set up 12 and a sale excess throughout the house for that seamless home assistance experience when this came out in 2011 its books screened I’m going to get shipped on and today in 2019 it still does now as to whether it actually gets shipped on that’s a different story there were two different processors you could get with this machine there was the slow but somewhat usable dual core AMD E3 50 AP you or the I’m a budget minded masochist single core E2 40 AP which is what I have both of these ape use came of Radeon HD 6310 graphics to drivers for which are compatible with Windows 10 by the way and these systems could be configured to have up to 4 GB of DDR three RAM and a 128 GB had a solid-state drive out of the factory that I also mention that I own side is also really impressive pop off the back cover and you’ll have access to too many PCI express thoughts to RAM slots a Sim card slot and a 2.5 inch drive bay now to get this X1 20 a fighting chance I tossed in an 8 GB stick of DDR three in addition to the 2 GB already in it for a total of 10 GB of DDR three RAM and I’m using a 128 GB of data solid-state drive yeah yeah yeah it’s overkill but at least now we can pretty much isolate any bottlenecks to the AP you and here’s where the comments section should storm is about to begin for the testing operating systems will be using a 64-bit installation of Windows 10 Pro and elementary OS why not Windows 7 while on this channel we use older hardware with newer supported OSes and Windows 7’s days are numbered unfortunately with regards elementary OS yeah we could’ve gone something wider like Ubuntu or soup into but I’ve been using those a lot and frankly they’re starting to get a little stale even though they are two excellent light weight distro’s since the Radeon drivers do work on Windows tended is possible to run some 3-D games and benchmarks performance is abysmal as expected and almost anything with three dementias is going to look like a slideshow ready radiographics really shine through is the general use of the operating system when Windows eventually open you can drag them around the screen without screen tearing and the general Windows 10 animations are all butter smooth general system performance Windows 10 is absolutely terrible no surprise there honestly Windows 10 is unusable for the single core processor reminds me a lot of using Windows 10 on an Adam in 450 back when I had allotted 221 20 on hand it’s a little bit faster than a Celeron M but not fast enough to be a daily driver like and until in 550 or an AMD E3 50 would be it would make a great headless machine for a project that required a portable low-power server the single core NAPA processors can still be useful today just not as your work or school machine once again to no surprise usability does improve elementary OS applications open a lot faster and the GUI is still fluid despite the fact that we are stuck using the default drivers however it’s still not daily driver material anything but the lightest applications will bring the E2 40 to its knees with elementary you could probably get away with some white coating word processing and network experimentation but you’re still going to need to refrain yourself from browsing the web or any sort of like aiming I don’t making things sound really grim right now but they’re not sure you can use this PC is a daily driver while you can use the single core version at least you might have a fighting chance of the dual core version but the single core version does have a place especially since it’s so cheap you can get one of these for peanuts off eBay a single core model will run you about 20 bucks plus shipping with E3 50 models coming in and about double that so for nearly the same price as a SBC such as the raspberry pie you can get a full laptop with display keyboard trackpad and an x86 processor to use as an experimentation machine/light server and that’s not that bad that’s awesome actually and it’s completely self-contained unlike in SBC set up since it’s a laptop if you’re interested in checking out the seller about this X1 20 E from 420 bucks the link to the solar storm will be in the description if you want to see more of this X1 20 E we have an entire gallery and not that many people know this on our website at and that link will also be in the description for you guys thanks watching I know it’s been a while since we are published a video I got stuck with you know work in the final site I did not have any extra time so bit of a struggle but finally managed to push a new one out we do have a netbook shootout coming up some really excited for that that will be the video following this one thanks watching guys and I will see you in the next installment of a computers and technology

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