ORICO 40W 5 Port USB Charger Review

On the outside this 5 port USB charger looks and feels like a typical high quality laptop power brick.   It is entirely composed of durable ABS plastic and I would not hesitate to say that the build quality is more than capable of handling the day-to-day abuses a typical USB charger endures.  If you want an affordable and convenient charging solution that will host up to 5 devices at a max of 2.4@ per 5V USB port, then I would recommend taking a look at this ORICO 40W 5 port USB charger.  Currently this charging station can be purchased for $15 USD off Amazon, the link will be at the end of this article.

There is nothing much to talk about as far as unboxing is concerned.  Inside ORICO’s typical white box you will find the charger itself, a 4 foot power cable, user manual, and a customer service card.  Getting up and running takes only a matter of seconds.  Just plug the power cable into the charger and plug the other end of the power cable into a mains outlet.  A white LED indication light should come on which means that the charger is functioning properly.  From here, plug in your devices and you should now be off to the races.

I put the ORICO 40W charger through several load tests using some USB resistor dummy loads along with my USB multimeter.  The supply was able to handle a continuous 40W load without issue and was barely warm to the touch while doing so.  Overload protection worked as expected, once the cumulative load exceeded 40W the unit cycled on and off until the load went back to an acceptable level.  Each port was able to output a max of approximately 2.4A which is on spec with the Amazon product page’s claims.  There is one small issue concerning power output, since this charger is only rated for 40W and there are a total of 5x USB ports the unit is not capable of providing 2.4A to all 5 USB ports simultaneously without going into “overload” mode.  This charger would be perfect if it was capable of outputting a total of 60W which would allow a draw of 2.4A from all 5 USB ports at once.

If you are in the market for an affordable multi-port USB charging brick then you might consider taking a look at this option from ORICO.  While it may not satisfy the most stringent “performance nuts” out there due to its slightly limiting 40W rating, it is still a great bang for the buck and does everything that it is advertised to do.


-Good build quality


-Meets sellers clamims

-Max 2.4A per port

-Can plug in 5 devices at once

-Practical and easy to use



-40W rating is a bit limiting since the unit has 5 ports.



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