ORICO A3H13P2 15-Port USB HUB Review


The A3H13P2 is ORICO’s flagship USB hub. It has a whopping total of 15 USB ports, 13 of which are for data transfer and the remaining two are for charging mobile devices. Utilizing 4X Via Labs 812 host controllers, attached USB devices have room to breath with 5Gb’s of theoretical bandwidth. The outer casing is composed entirely of anodized aluminum making this one of the highest quality hub enclosures I have ever held in my hands to date. These features do come at a steep price though ($60 from Amazon) and as you will soon find out all was not perfect with this USB hub.


Initial impressions during the unboxing process were stellar. The USB HUB itself felt like a rock, its silver anodized aluminum casing is approx. 2mm thick all around making this an incredibly rugged enclosure. Inside the box I was also greeted with a 60W power supply with a total cable length of about 90” (approx 7.5 feet), a 3ft USB cable, a user manual, and a warranty card.


Setting everything up on Windows 7 and Ubuntu Mate 16.04 was pretty straight forward. Just plug everything in, turn it on, and the HUB should be automatically recognized by the OS. Total setup time was under 3 minutes and I ran into zero problems along the way. The benchmark results from crystal disk mark were very good. I was using my ASUS G75 VW for testing along with an ORICO USB-C drive enclosure in conjunction with an ADATA SP550 SSD. The speeds while benchmarking the drive directly through my laptops USB ports vs. through the USB HUB were nearly identical. Through the ORICO A3H13P2 my SSD hit sequential read/write speeds of 231/260MB/s and random read/write speeds a little over 24/45MB/s. I ran the benchmark through several different ports on the USB HUB and each trial yielded similar results.

Direct connection to my PC's USB ports (left) VS. benchmarking through the USB HUB (right)
Direct connection to my PC’s USB ports (left) VS. benchmarking through the USB HUB (right)

Using 10USB dummy loads I put the HUB through a 55W load test. Each USB 3.0 data port is capable of outputting 900mah @ 5V and one of the charging ports is able to output in excess of 2.4A @ 5V. After five minutes of load testing I took the temperatures of the DC power-supply and the casing of the USB hub using an IR thermometer. Each unit’s external temperature never went above 35C (only slightly warm to the touch).

A quick teardown revealed that internal construction is just a good as the external build quality. To pull the board out all I had to do was remove the only eight screws on the unit (you really only need to remove four but I decided to go all out) and pull the board out from one of the ends. The board was fully equipped with solid state capacitors, the USB ports were firmly mounted to the board, and the overall layout seemed pretty practical. There appeared to be no weird botches or last minute design changes which is always a good sign.


Here are a few more things to note about the HUB:

-There are no rubber feet on the bottom so it will slide around all over the place on a smooth surface. I have linked to some rubber feet down below if you want to stick some on yourself.

– The indication lights are only there to tell you if a device is plugged in and properly recognized by your system. They do not act as read/write access indication lights.

-I have had trouble with power buttons on ORICO USB HUB’s in the past. The one on this unit actually works pretty well though, I did not run into any issues with it.

-The LED indication lights are a bit bright, some may find their intensity to be annoying

Now, there is something that I do need to disclose to the readers. The first unit ORICO sent over actually suffered from a small defect. An inductor towards the bottom of the board would knock against the aluminum casing every time a device inserted into one of the bottom four ports was removed. This prompted the four lowest data ports to disconnect every time this occurred and therefore all devices on those four ports would be dropped. I fixed this problem by applying some electrical tape over that inductor, it was an easy fix but one that I should not have had to perform on a new $60 product. ORICO promptly sent over a new unit after I notified them about the issue and it appears that the problem is isolated to that particular unit as the new one worked perfectly.

This is a great USB HUB for someone who needs an excessive number of USB ports (you can never have too many right? :p ). The casing is absolutely gorgeous, overall build quality is great, speeds are fantastic, and it has plenty of ports for even the most demanding USB device user! I have to say though that I am a bit disappointed that the first unit arrived with a defect.


-Stellar build quality

-Great speeds

-Easy to set up

-No compatibility issues with Windows or Ubuntu Mate

-15 Ports!


-Would like to see the addition of rubber feet

-First one arrive with a defect



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