Rescuing an IBM Thinkpad 365XD From Auction (It was dead)




4 Hours and 200 miles later, I picked up the IBM 365 XD from a government auction for $55 plus a 12.5% buyer’s premium. I didn’t buy this because I thought it was a good deal, I bought it because it is very rare to see computers this old at auctions. I thought it would make an interesting video, so I put down the minimum bid of $55 and won.

Today we are going see what kind of condition this 22 year old machine is in and if we can get it to boot.

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Will you look at that it looks like were about to make a trip down to North Carolina morning as it is currently 722 and we are under way to go pick up a IBM ThinkPad 365 XTs about this got deals for 55 bucks I found this interesting because I’m surprised that this organization at this laptop from 1997 stalling around usually don’t see that actually you almost never see that in these options this caught my eye was a good deal five bucks for this is in a good deal specially since they can show me pictures of a powered on fraud I know you know I get there in my night and work will find that out when I get home and actually try to test it out so we have 100 mile journey ahead of us hundred miles back to my house two hours both ways so more hours and hopefully it’s working with this laptop actually works the guards all gassed up when he got gas last night copyright here so I will see you guys get there down the past I picked up a couple other auctions around the same area and every time I’ve had to come down here I absolutely love the dry roads are usually wide open with very few people on the sprawling farmland dominates the visuals and the speed limits are set pretty high at 70 in a lot of places which makes it to drive down here now I know I drive a previous how to be fun to drive down but I really do like driving on and even though the previous was in the on this court in the world to drive it so fun to put your foot down and watch it struggle little bit to get up to 70 mph there is one thing I don’t necessarily like about the roads down here and that is some of them are only two lanes C to get stuck behind a truck every once in a while the only happened once during this journey down so besides that everything else was smooth sailing will come to the small town of Plymouth North Carolina that is there Police Department over there and then there’s like a little town hall behind me and then the county management building which is where I’m assuming the laptop is usually these laptops are all computers I pick up or in warehouses of the sound is so small that looks like it’s going to be in a building something ago nurse if I can grab it and then I’ll come back into the carpet molested about 20 minutes and will be behind schedule now some and make this quick so I can go ahead and start driving back because I start school today and I need to make it to school after I drop this thing off so as you can see this is an almost I’m actually is in perfect condition this looks beautiful there is not a piece of cracked plastic on this laptop now I need to hence opened up some in a cut here now the keyboard is a bit worn down but besides that everything else is an incredible condition with this 365 XD and I can’t wait to get home and seek this thing will boot we are and also moment of truth because we’re going to see if this idea 365 XD will actually poop and I really hope it does because I went through a lot of effort to pay quite a bit to rescue this laptop now did not come with a power supply however I do have a OEM IBM 35 W power adapter that I stole from my IBM 380 ED which is like over there I’m so we’re going to be using this for testing but before we get this machine up just want to admire the cosmetic condition of this laptop because it is nearly perfect the worst thing about this machine is the keyboard as you can see the keyboard is a little bit shiny/reflective and that this indicate what aware on the keyboard but all the keys feel like they work on and to feel really really good I love the feel and the sound of this keyboard everything else in absolute pristine condition will cosmetically we don’t know this thing actually works yet plastic is in beautiful condition there is not a crack or major scratch on this machine on the bottom under the little bit of carelessly slid around on a desk a little bit but that’s really it on the back into the panel for old I/O was intact the panel for the card slots is also intact and we had a modem in here and pop out because one take a closer look at that and there’s there’s the PC card modem and I just think of the machine be bottom risers the plastic risers for this machine are intact so they just pulled out like so you can probably machine up at an angle like that beautiful does have CD-ROM drive not sure if that works were about to find out latches perfect hinges perfect it feels great when you open it up and the power button feels nice and solid I mean it does not feel like this laptop was in use for that long for them to be out of service and stuck it in the closet this is a beautiful machine and that is a bit of a concern because why why did they take it out of service why does it look this good know it is a little bit suspicious so I’m really anxious now to actually boot this up works is light on camera because if this thing goes boom at least we’ll have some interesting footage right point in the a power adapter is plugged in to the wall right now I do know that this power adapter works have verified out three ADD okay our lights are on I heard the CD-ROM drive cycle there for a minute because of you guys get a better look, you get any sort of a display no come on RA so there waiting here for about 30 seconds and nothing has happened deftly not a good sign I’m thinking the backlight might be dead so one can do is grab a VGA cable it up to an external monitor to see that there’s anything yeah I was too good to be true right so I hooked up the VGA cable to an external monitor getting nothing out of that so I don’t think has anything to do with the systems backlight I just think something’s wrong to try to replace another place and try to reseat the RAM the CPU I and see if that is anything so sexy good for you guys because our to take a look inside this thing on to get access to those two parts assigned to break out the a hardware maintenance manual because I’m not really sure how the services machine and get down to business the first thing that a try is pulling the backup battery out so got to get under the hood here and quite literally to I schedule C in just a second lid and taxes everything in sight almost everything inside this laptop all you have to do is with this sort of keyboard assembly up and out like a car hood so there’s two latches one on the side laptop here and a number on the right side laptop right here the same watch as you use to open the way so when you do is pull those letters back and push up on the keyboard assembly in the open so just like a car you can see this beautiful ThinkPad cover on top of all the hardware this is really going on because of the tripod to get a closer look at that because this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this inside a ThinkPad because I usually don’t work on ThinkPads this old house is a little bit old for me I usually stick with things about the 400 series checkout is just really neat so be back batteries right under here I feel bad looking this up of the backup batteries right and if you’re not a lifted up north exit south right they are the point sorry there’s a pullout out of the back and seek the changes anything I took out the backup battery and I recede to the RAM which is right under your and that did not change anything by the way the system does still have the hard drive and you’re looking at it right now this this right here under that shielding that’s the hard drive so the last thing to try because I’m running out of time here that much time to mess with this laptop because this doesn’t work I’m just in a call and say that it’s dead unfortunately because it’s going to be a pain to hold the CPU out and receded and asked him to do so according to the hardware maintenance manual in order to do that I have to remove the screen assembly for so the screen is coming off and then we can gain access to the CPU which is down here of the CPU card and system board that’s what we need to take out and take a quick look at one hellish nightmare later and I’m pretty sure the board is just cooked because not being I have tried has done anything to the slots also have a kind back together right now and no dice it is not LED board indicator and tried to turn it on and were still not getting anything after receiving everything fully is someone laptop so this song this is disappointing unfortunately I don’t really know you know what else to do it’s just instead now while we do have the guts of this laptop scattered around everywhere let’s take a look at some of the system components and I do plan on reassembling this because I’m so put it up on eBay facilities and parts machine the case is in good condition I did break a couple plastic clips because that’s how does, when working on these laptops I got epoxy those back on but yet it is a really good condition board appears to be dead I didn’t want to sell this as a working machine for the same price I bought it for her to someone who thought she wanted a 365 XT this was a rescue mission I was looking to make a profit but now looks like you to take a loss because there’s no way I’m revealed to list this on eBay for what I sold it for since it’s you know at this point it’s really just the parts machine if any of you guys are interested in checking this thing out I usually don’t do this but since this is like a rescue video with a link to the eBay listing to this laptop in the description now hard drive right here got a IDM 1 GB hard to see the 1080 MB marking right there in the middle on this is the LED L Matt has the screws on top of your this is the LED indicator light board here what else do we have this is the keyboard award right here so this is where all the keyboard ribbon connectors connect to your mind or disassembled right here in all its shift the focus point so you guys have to get a better look inside so CPU was right here and we have 16 MB of RAM there’s also some rentals into the board and ushered the number off the top my head speaker right here volume adjustment I have the CD drive out on our rights I mean that’s that’s really it the rest of it is just one big board for the most part soused time to operate at the epoxy fix those plastic pieces that are didn’t quite make it to the disassembly process and toss this thing back together and call the day is really unfortunate but you know that stuff happens that sets out is when buying from options this stuff doesn’t always work now it’s really unfortunate that this machine doesn’t work it was really cool to take a look at the 365 XT if you want to take a closer look at this machine I want HD images up on the website and will be down in the description now I don’t think the seller was trying to rip us off I don’t think you’re trying to scam you want to meet this machine is probably been in storage for over 10 years they could’ve happened in storage probably didn’t work when they took it out of service and you know maybe someone dropped it all to show anything that happens and it broke and it appears to be board issue because everything I tried I’m not an expert I’m no expert on these machines but everything I tried does first general troubleshooting is concerned didn’t seem to solve the issue so once again I will be listing this on eBay as a parts machine and is in very good cosmetic conditions of any cosmetic parts for 365 XT on this will be up there and brother for 50 bucks best offer you make me offer something a little lower it’s gone it’s yours now to join us for sure to the relevant on-site separate its Facebook pages etc. etc. what people don’t realize that I can’t do that myself you know by just start taking my content and posting it all over are separate suspend at that point but if the user doesn’t have the user generally buys my content interesting and wants to share as they like this is normal user engagement so if you enjoy the video sure to drop a light on is be like this video please tell me why if you question comes or concerns going to come down the comment section topics are what you guys and I will see you in the next installment of the computers and technology are so thing for the people actually stayed on the next video or the next video or two might be a little weird differently I’m thinking about buying a new core looking at Crown Victoria site by Chris I really do love my previous on the gas mileage is amazing it’s super reliable but something little bit more fun to drive every day use P 71 off you know like appeals or similar auction site for another year between 2503 grand summer I live on some other areas it’s cheaper on the use of oversights or go for an older model like something like 2004 2005’s even cheaper that point but I am thinking about my new core and I might work that into this shadow just for your two of you know just change the channels content to car stop but you expect that in the next week or two when you decide to do it might take longer to get sidetracked. Now all you guys go together for watching you for staying and I will soon in the Sunday computers and technology which may or may not involve a Crown Victoria

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  1. I have just rescued and got one of these 365X going, needed new HDD, software, adapter. It still needs a replacement CMOS backup battery but I cannot figure out how to get it out, hardware manual does not help and I am loath to try anything without instructions.

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