School Laptop Rebuild for Under $150 Dell Latitude E6400



Today I am going to take this Dell Latitude E6400 which I bought off eBay for $25 (USD) + $12 shipping and turn it into a highly responsive school laptop capable of running Windows 10 and modern Linux distributions. The system origionally shipped with an Intel P8700, 1GB DDR2 RAM, no HDD, and a dead battery. In this video I will install an Intel T9800 @ 2.93Ghz, Kingspec 90GB SSD, 4GB DDR2 RAM, and a new battery while staying within a $150 budget.

Total Cost of the rebuild was $129.99 leaving just enough (before hitting $150) to buy a genuine dell charger.

NOTE: After I finished this video I went back and investigated an issue I encountered in my previous video on this laptop. As many of my subscribers stated, these latitudes throttle performance when plugged into an aftermarket charger. I tested this using an aftermarket charger (the one I used in my previous video) and a genuine Dell charger (the one used in the video) and the difference was night and day. Once again, to reiterate I used a GENUINE Dell power supply in this video to ensure performance of the laptop was not hampered. Here is the video of the laptop in its original state:

KingSpec 90GB SSD ($33):

4GB RAM($18):



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One Comment on “School Laptop Rebuild for Under $150 Dell Latitude E6400”

  1. Hello Braxton I found some new information about Kingspec ssd’s quality although this maybe true for the other brands KingDian,Faspeed…I pasting here to let you know

    This was copied from GPD Win Facebook page.

    To all GPD user:

    Please take notice:

    While the GPD Win 2 crowd funding campaign has yet to be initiated, many GPD user has already planning to purchase additional 2242 form factors SSD for the purpose storage upgrade on the GPD WIN 2. However, at GPD, we advise our user to not trying to save money by purchasing lower quality 2242 SSD.

    SSD consist of memory controller chip and NAND-based flash memory.

    For memory controller found in SSD, there are lower end OEM manufacturer such as Phison or SMI, and also higher end controller such as those from Marvell and Samsung. However, some SSD manufacturer produces their own memory controller chip such Transcend.

    There are even more NAND based flash storage found on the market, such as TLC, SLC, and MLC and other less known types of based flash storage chips, the endurance and the amount of heat produced by these SSD chips differs by the type of memory chip used. However, it can be differentiated by the types of memory controllers or the price of the SSD.

    Majority of the lower end memory controller produced by Taiwan’s manufacturer has good capability with different types of NAND chips. As such, man lower end SSD found on the market will use memory controllers from Taiwan’s based manufacturer and low end TLC based NAND chips. As the result, often these SSD will cause problems such as:

    1.Drive suddenly disappear under Windows. Yet, appears again after reboot;
    2.Sudden decrease in storage capacity;
    3.Bad sectors;
    5.Unable to write in data into the SSD; or
    6.Loss of data.

    As a guideline, if GPD users are looking to purchase these lower end SSD’s, If there are problem that occurred in GPD WIN 2, that are not the hardware of the Win 2 itself, GPD will not take any responsibility nor will do any repair for these problems caused by the SSD itself.

    Currently on the market, there are not many choices of 2242 form factor SSD. GPD recommends brands such as Transcend, Lenovo, and ADATA. While Lenovo and ADATA uses Taiwan based memory controller, but they will not use NAND chips from unknown sources. Plextor is a Japanese brand, while they had been purchased by LiteON, their primary focus is on high end markets. Thus, Plextor’s SSD is recommended. SSD from other larger manufacturers can be used as well.

    However, GPD do not recommend 2242 form factor’s SSD from these manufacturers:
    4.Intel; and
    5.Other SSD from unknown brands.

    For Intel’s SSD, if there are problem occurred, they issues refunds. However, the refunds are only available in USD, thus not recommended for people outside of USA. For other brands listed above, warranty claim is almost impossible.

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