Server Upgrade: Pentium 4 to Core 2 Duo


Server Upgrade: Pentium 4 to Core 2 Duo


In this video I will upgrade the AACAT web server from the Gateway 832GM to the HP Compaq dc7800p. That means it is going from a Pentium 4 machine to a core 2 duo. During the video I also found 2 more sticks of DDR2 RAM totaling the RAM in the new system to 3GB. Unfortunately not all went as smoothly as I hoped it would. It was not a simple plug and play job, I had to completely reinstall Windows and reconfigure all of my programs on the new server.

New server specs: Core 2 duo 2.33Ghz, 3gb DDR2 RAM, Segate Barracuda 7200rpm 250gb hard drive.

Old web server overview here:

HP Compaq DC7800p overview:

Gateway 832GM overview:

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