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The last time I bought a microSD card it ended up being a fake. This time I was not going to let that happen to me. Instead of going with a cheap generic card off eBay I opted to buy a microSD card from a brand-name I had experience with. The Silicon Power SSD in my laptop has performed flawlessly since the day I bought it and I am hoping to have the same experience with this card.

Just a little side note: I got a good laugh out off the packaging job from Amazon. The tiny card was placed in a unnecessarily large box, the bottom of which was held shut by two bar code stickers. Minimal protective packaging material was placed inside. Lately amazon has been slacking. I guess it was good enough since the card arrived in one piece. I also understand that they have to keep shipping costs down, but come on guys ….. try a little harder next time.

Silicon Power 32GB MicroSD Card Packaging Amazon

I ordered this card off of Amazon for $8.99. It is currently one of the cheaper cards on the market so if you are looking to save a dollar or two and still end up with great piece of flash media then look no further. Not paying to much attention to the packaging I removed the microSD card and the included microSD to SD card adapter. The card slid easily into the adapter and the lock slider on the side of the adapter had a perfect amount of resistance.

Silicon Power 32GB MicroSD Card1

After inserting the card into my laptop’s SD card reader Windows immediately detected the drive as a 28.9GB volume. Just to be on the safe side I formatted the drive as FAT32 before proceeding to begin testing the card. First I verified the integrity of the media using H2testW. After 30 minutes of testing no errors were returned.

SP 32GB MicroSD

SP 32GB MicroSD

Next, I went on to benchmark the speed of the card to see if it matched up with its UHS-1 class 10 rating. Transferring a large video file over from my internal SSD to the card yielded promising results with write speeds clocking in at approximately 17MB/s. Stepping up the ante a little, I ran CrystalDiskMark and was greeted with similar results after completion. Read speeds were sitting at a little over 30MB/s and write speeds were still locked in around 17MB/s. Random read and write speeds came out better than I expected them to and were on par with cards in the same price range.

SP 32GB MicroSD2

SP 32GB MicroSD3



Taking the card out into the world, I threw it into my Nikon D3300 and recorded 10 minutes of 1080P video @ 60fps with no problems. While I was going crazy with continuous shooting the card did not skip a beat either. As a final test I dumped 27GB worth of media onto the drive and all of it transferred over without any loss of data.

So far I am happy with the card. It provides a happy medium between price and performance. It is perfect for what I am going to be using it for (HD video). At this point I cannot comment on longevity since I have had the product for less than two days. If it is like my Silicon Power solid state drive then I am sure it will last many years to come.


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