Software Sunday EP10: Install Space Cadet 3D Pinball on Windows Vista/7/8/10

Every time I get my hands on a Windows XP machine the first thing I do is turn on the system and open up Space Cadet 3D Pinball (it is present on some windows versions before XP but I primarily work on / refurbish computers of the XP era).  It is undoubtedly my favorite game that has ever come pre-installed on Windows and it saddens me that it is no longer shipped with current versions of Windows.  Space Cadet pinball is not only fun but it also brings back a much sought after sense of nostalgia for computer enthusiasts (well, the older ones anyway).

Yesterday I was ecstatic to hear that there was a quick and easy way to get Space Cadet Pinball up and running on Windows Vista,7 , 8, and 10!  All it takes is one small executable file and a few minutes of your time to have a fully working version of the beloved Microsoft Pinball game on your newer Windows system.

Space Cadet Pinball (2)

First you must acquire the executable installer (found here) or (alternatively here).  After downloading the installer double click on the “3d_pinball_for_windows_space_cadet.exe” file to begin the installation process.  Starting the installer will bring up a couple of security prompts, allow the installer to run.  At this point you will see the option to start the install, click “install”.  The entire installation takes only a few seconds and when it is done you should now see a “pinball” icon on your desktop.  Double click on this icon to launch the game and enjoy!

Space Cadet Pinball (3)

A big thanks to YouTube user skulldriver101 for pointing me towards the groovypost article about this!


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