Software Sunday EP11: Easily Stop Windows 10 Upgrade Notifications With Never10


I had finally had it, I thought I might be able to stick it out till the end of July when the GWX (Get Windows 10) notification utility is supposedly supposed to go away but I could no longer tolerate the persistent nagging from my notification tray. It needed to be stopped. I tried to simply use the “Decline Free Offer” button within the GWX utility but no matter how many times I angrily clicked it the notifications still insisted on harassing me. I hit google looking for an easy one click solution to put an end to the GWX messages once and for all. Sure, I could have just changed some settings in Windows and removed an update or two but I am lazy. I just wanted to push a button and have the GWX utility magically disappear from my sight.

Never 10 from the Gibson Research Corporation does just that. With the click of a single button you can free your Windows 7 or 8 system from those pestering upgrade dialogues for good. The GRC is a trusted source and you can rest easy knowing that Never 10 does not come with any sort of adware or malware and best of all it is free to use!

Never 10 can be obtained from the GRC website and I also have an alternate download link on my site just in case ever goes down (I recommend getting it from the GRC site if you have a choice). The Never10.exe file is under 100KB and does not require anything to actually be installed to your system, once Never 10 has finished changing settings within Windows you can delete it from your hard drive. The application is incredibly easy and straightforward to use. If the Windows 10 update is enabled and you have the latest Windows updates installed the message “Windows 10 OS Upgrade is enabled for this system” should be displayed within the Never 10 interface. Right below this message there will be a button labeled “Disable Windows 10 Upgrade” click this button and Never 10 will permanently disable the Windows 10 update. Additionally I would also suggest removing any Windows 10 files stored on your system by clicking on the “Remove Win10 Files” option. This process should take only a few seconds. Once Never10 has finished working its magic you can delete the utility and restart your computer. After your system restarts you should see that the GWX utility icon no longer resides in your application tray and the notifications should be gone for good.


Never 10 notification before disabling GWX

Never 10 notification before disabling GWX

Never 10 notification after disabling GWX.  Also note that the GWX notification is now gone from the application tray (requires system reboot)

Never 10 notification after disabling GWX. Also note that the GWX notification is now gone from the application tray (requires system reboot)

If you ever want to re-enable the Windows 10 upgrade in the future the Never 10 utility also gives you the ability to quickly enable the Windows 10 upgrade. Just open the application back up and click on the “Enable Win10 upgrade” button.

Let’s get one thing straight before I end this article, I am not a “Windows 10 hater”. I actually use Windows 10 on my daily use laptop (Latitude 2120) and I find it to be a very snappy and very functional OS. However, I am not ready just yet to upgrade my editing rig to Win10. Windows 7 is part of my workflow and it will remain part of my workflow for the coming years. There are many other reasons why one would want to stick with Windows 7 or 8 (driver support, application support, layout, privacy, ect..) and Never10 is a great one click solution to do so.




  1. Elizebeth Coles

    Hate that program, GWX is horrific, what were Microsoft thinking?

    1. Braxton VanGundy (Post author)

      Bother users to upgrade every 30 minutes they said, it will be fun they said :p


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