Software Sunday EP4: Sea Tools for DOS Bootable Hard Drive Diagnostic Tool


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Today on Software Sunday I want to show you a piece of software that I have been using for a very long time to test out hard drives. Seagate’s drive diagnostic tool “Sea Tools for Dos” makes testing hard drives a quick and easy task. Just throw in the bootable CD/DVD, select the proper boot device, and use the simple GUI to choose what you want Sea Tools to do. It can run diagnostics, resize drives, and turn specific drives in your system off so you can isolate any odd sounds. It comes as both a bootable version and version which you can run on Windows. This article and accompanying video is mainly going to focus on the bootable version.

Getting a hold of the Sea Tools drive diagnostic utility is very easy, and most importantly it will not cost you anything. First download the ISO file from the Seagate website (Click here to download it). Once the file has finished downloading burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD using your preferred image burning software. Then place the DVD/CD in the computer that you wish to test the hard drive of, turn the system on, and then select to boot from the CD/DVD. The bootable utility is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, AMD and Intel alike. As far as peripherals go you can navigate the GUI with both a mouse and keyboard. USB Keyboard support is pretty good but I have found that only a few USB mice will work with the software, your best bet is to use a PS/2 mouse.

Once the boot process of Sea Tools has finished you should be greeted by a user agreement, click “accept” (of course after you have read the entire thing 😉 ). In the agreement it states that this diagnostic tool is only meant for Seagate drives but in reality it will test any drive regardless of brand. After you click “accept” the utility will detect the drives in your system, they will be listed under the center box labeled “Drive List”. At the top of the UI you will see all of the available operations to perform on each drive.

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The “Advanced features” tab includes the options “Set capacity to 32gb”, “Set capacity manually”, and “Set capacity to Max native”. I feel like all of these are pretty self explanatory and do not require further elaboration. Also present on the top bar are the “Help” and “Exit” options.
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Below the “Drive list” lies the “Drive Information” section which gives the user a few more details about the selected drive. Max capacity, Smart capability, Smart trips, interface, and serial number are all things that can be found in this section. In the bottom box the “Test information and Results” are displayed and if you desire more details about any issues that occurred during the testing process there is a “view log” button that will bring up more details.

Sea Tools for DOS is a great diagnostic tool to have laying around! It allows you to quickly run simple hard drive diagnostic tests on nearly any system. One thing that I would like to see in the future is the display of the drives smart data, Run time, start up cycles, temps, ect… I am not sure how hard this feature would be to implement but it would be a really convenient one to have on a piece of bootable software like this.




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  1. Tulio Cussioli

    I have a Seagate 2 TB Barruca HDD that was presenting problems of bad sectors. I tried to use SeaTools for DOS. I ahd fail in all the tests with the following message: BAD SECTOR FOUND.

    So i change the capacity do 32GB just to try something different.
    Now i can´t back to the normal capacity.
    When a click in the functionality to set capacity to the native, it fails.

    Do you have any idea of a new procedure to try ?



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