Software Sunday EP8: QupZilla is a Great Lightweight Functional Web Browser

After getting my hands on a Dell Latitude 2120 with a dual core Intel Atom processor I was on the hunt for a functional yet lightweight web-browser. Firefox was just too slow and Chromium took way to long to open. Midori actually performed great on my little netbook though at times it was a bit too unstable for my taste. I also wanted to try out something new and not as well known as the browsers mentioned above. After searching around for a few hours and installing several different lightweight browsers I came across one that left me highly satisfied after using it.

QupZilla originally started as an educational project in 2010 but has grow in to a full blown powerful web-browser since then. It is written in C++ and is using the Qt WebEngine. It opens fast (under four seconds on my system), is very responsive, and for the most part is is pretty stable. I have been using it for the past two weeks and I really like it. It can do almost everything that Chromium and Firefox can do but with a smaller resource footprint.

On my Latitude 2120 with Xubuntu 16.04 installed QupZilla is my go to choice, it opens much faster and is overall much more responsive than Chromium or Firefox. The performance of Midori is similar to QupZilla, they both open in just under four seconds and they navigate through web-pages at about the same speed. It’s interesting that the overall memory usage of Midori is about 2/3rds (80MB vs. 120MB or RAM) of what QupZilla uses even though they both show similar performance. I personally like the look and layout of Midori more than that of QupZilla but after using both for two weeks I noticed that QupZilla was crashing a lot less than Midori (especially while using web based Google apps). I prefer stability over aesthetics so I am going to have to lean towards QupZilla.

QupZilla sports a familiar looking and easy to navigate interface. Notable features include great HTML 5 support, a built in ad blocker which is enabled by default, support for bookmarks, multiple tabs, private browsing, and much more.

Many lighter weight web browsers that I have used in the past have struggled to render modern web-pages properly, QupZilla renders pages just fine. I had no problem browsing YouTube, playing back a video at 1080P @ 60fps, opening up Google docs, or checking out my social media streams.

QupZilla on Facebook
QupZilla on Facebook
QupZilla on YouTube
QupZilla on YouTube

QupZilla makes browsing the web on older systems bearable and is a great way to turn an old slow computer into a decent web browsing / office machine.

I have not really left anyone out in the cold this time because there are versions available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. All of which can be downloaded from the QupZilla website. Just Navigate to and click on the download tab. There is even a portable version available for Windows which is super convenient.

This article is in NO WAY saying thst QupZilla is THE BEST lightweight browser out there.  Though It is definitly an option and something to take a look at if you want a decent low resourse browser that does not make too many sacrifices.



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      1. Ok I understand…..but one question, isn’t it hard for you too make a profit from YouTube videos? It seems like all the cost are coming out of your own pocket and wouldn’t just hosting your two websites take all your money?

        1. Yes, very. I have to watch my spending closely in order to make sure I do not break my budget. It’s unfotunate that money is so tight right now (espically because of college) I would like to do stuff like some of the bigger channels do, system builds, high end product reviews, I have a solar project that I have been wanting to implement for the longest time now, but the money is just not there for any of that right now. The good news is that the channel is growing at a fast but consistent rate and I believe by the end of this year it will be in a much better financial position (hopefullly :p ).

  1. Will this web browser be better on my Ubuntu 14 AMD A4 HP laptop? Currently I’m using Firefox?

    It’s sweet but sometimes it lags down quite abit on sites like Tweetdeck and ones where theres tons of scripts and stuff like that.

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