Sywon 6-in-1 60W Soldering Iron Kit Review


Today we are going to shake things up a bit! For the last few weeks all of my reviews have been centered around PC peripherals but during this review we are going to take a look at something a bit different.  The Sywon 6-in-1 Soldering Iron Kit comes with almost everything you need to get started, just throw in a cheap sponge and you are ready to solder. It’s a great little portable kit which gets the job done without breaking the bank.  This soldering kit can be purchased off Amazon for $22, the link will be at the bottom of this review.

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The kit is housed in a semi-durable black carrying case which is lined with foam on the inside to keep everything firmly in place.  It’s not the strongest thing in the world, some sections did flex a little when pressure was applied, but it will definitely protect the inside contents from any bumps or drops.  Opening the case I was greeted with the 60W soldering iron, Y-stand, 60/40 solder, a user manual, and 5 additional interchangeable tips.

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After closer examination of the iron itself I thought that it did feel a bit light/cheap but I expected nothing less from something coming out of a kit in this price range.  The tip can be removed by unscrewing the metal piece near the handle and lifting up on the neck (the video below explains this process much better).  Notable features on the iron include a rubber grip which makes it comfortable to hold, temperature adjustment (200 – 400C), and a 5ft power cord.  Everything else in the kit was of good quality, the only other qualm I had was the fact that they include a Y-stand.  I would have preferred a different stand type since it is likely that the Y-stand will break after being flexed closed several times in order to be placed back into the carrying case (I also do not like Y-stands because they tend to slide around all over the place unless screwed down).

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Using the iron is pretty straight forward, just plug it in and set it to your desired temperature.  This soldering iron was surprisingly quick to heat up, it only took a little over one minute to reach solder melting temperatures.  I had no problem mounting a few through hole components to a prototyping board using the included iron.  Throughout the review I was looking for signs of melting plastic on the iron’s body but even after being left at 450C for ten mins it held up just fine.  This is NOT one of those irons that will just melt down in your hands ;P .

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The solder that it comes with is decent but I still prefer my 60/40 rosin core that I have in the back.  The solder sucker turned out to be better than the one I currently have, I was able to remove nearly all of the solder from the joints during my first try from several of the pads.

I ended this review with mainly good feelings toward the Sywon soldering kit.  It comes with almost everything one would need to get started, quality is good, and its price makes it very accessible.  I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a decent first time soldering iron or for anyone who wants an expendable / portable kit to take along with them while they are on the go.


-Good quality

-Straightforward to use


-Comes with almost everything you need




-The iron is a bit light

-Not a big fan of the Y-stand


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