The same flash drive for over a decade

SimpleTech Flash Drive5









I was frantically writing a paper due in a few hours when I came to the startling realization that the storage device I was using was over 10 years old.  Now I do get the occasional inquiry regarding the size of my SimpleTech flash drive, people seem to be astonished that I am using something with only 128MB of storage capacity in 2016 (now the decal only reads 28MB which amazes people even more :p ). I usually just reply with the usual “yeah, it works just fine” and drop the topic there. But while I was sitting at my desk thinking about everything except for what I was going to put in my college English paper I thought about what a feat it was for that little drive to make it this far.

SimpleTech Flash Drive3
My beat-up simple tech flash drive

Many of us have that one object that has been around for as long as we can remember. To me this flash drive is the equivalent of the vintage leather wallet you had since you were a boy, the key chain that has held your keys together for an eternity, or maybe even the Motorola RAZR you still whip out like a bad ass to make calls.  Like a loyal companion, it has been by my side since fourth grade (2006 if I recall correctly). I am nearly nineteen now and a college freshman, it is still my primary document holder.  Though I cannot say that it still works as well as the day that I received it, I remember very little from elementary school, I think it is fascinating that it has made it through all these years. I personally find it incredible because I go through modern flash drives like a confused post-pubescent teenage boy goes through girlfriends.

I feel like this dated vessel should have disintegrated years ago. To be honest It feels really cheap, yet surprisingly after all this time and the many adventures it has been through the plastic casing is still in one piece.  It has braved the washer and dryer many times, laughs in the faces of falls over 5ft, and has bared the weight of entire bodies over and over again during its stays in back pockets.  Though very slow by today’s standards, the flash used for storage has never skipped a beat. I have never experienced any loss or corruption of data stored on the drive. I wish I could say the same for other USB sticks I have used in the past!

SimpleTech Flash Drive2

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Unfortunately, as this is a piece of technology, it is inevitable that one day I will eventually have to find a replacement.  The USB contacts will wear down, the battered case will finally give in, the flash will go bad, or maybe I will finally get tired of carrying around such a bulky storage solution. Nothing lasts forever, this drive is no exclusion.

SimpleTech Flash Drive
Size compared to an 32GB and 8GB flash drive along with a modern SD card all the way to the other side

It is rare for any piece of tech to have a use life of over 5 years let alone 10! When is the last time you have used a phone, laptop, or in this case flash storage device for over a decade? I’m sure my readers can come up with a few rare cases (which I would like to hear about) but for the most part this seldom happens.

Yes, you just read a 500 word article about a flash drive. If you have anything to top this go ahead and post it in the comment section! Thanks for reading!


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  1. At work our POS computers and equipment are well over 20 years old. Still in heavy use, running MS-DOS 6.22! To much hassle changing when there’s over 3000 across all stores

  2. Hi All;

    Braxton, a flash drive that lasts 10 years..
    Where can I get one ??
    Too bad many/more of us hadn’t go one while the going was good..
    I have a 256m flash, that is old, but not near that old..

    THANK YOU Marty

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