Trying to Make a 18 Year Old Pentium 3 Desktop Usable in 2019 (IBM Eserver X220)



A couple videos ago we looked at Windows 7 and Xubuntu running on this IBM Eserver Xseries 220 in a nearly stock configuration. While both operating systems did run, they were far from pleasant to use mainly due to the lack of proper dedicated graphics. See the initial test run here:

Today we are going to try to run Windows and Linux again but with a few significant upgrades. Can 4GB of PC-133 RAM and a Geforce 6200 turn this machine into a usable daily driver in 2019? That’s what we are going to find out in this video.

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This is a server series 228 Pentium III machine that was released in 2000 and 1020 years ago and it’s still holding up pretty well today I the last video I made about this PC we took a look at running Windows 7 and to bend to run both operating systems however, public systems were a tad bit painful to use mainly due to poor video performance the system has onboard sevens for Pro graphics but I cannot get the drivers working seven oarsmen to its just too old soul I a GeForce 200 on eBay for 19 bucks using this she’s the Iberian and that I also love or rent for the system so when I tested this initially test this stock configuration will nearly stop. I do not set a course a trace of it but besides that I didn’t really make any changes to the base system today that we are to be making changes were the task and 4 GB of PC 133 SDRAM so I have 41 GB sticks right you’re essentially great high-density stopper PC 133 as I just mentioned on top that would be going in this dedicated video card I scarred the ramp for $30 off eBay the video card for 20 pricey upgrade or system this old Odyssey with the system could do at its full potential CPUs just because I don’t have the budget for that mortgage to the system along with video card is going to make it usable with a couple modern operating systems so for windows test we are once again going to be using a 32-bit version of Windows 7 Pro these Pentium III’s are missing the SSE2 instruction set which makes running Windows 10 now the question someone in the comment section of the last video I made about this X server mention that I might be able to run the Windows a consumer preview but that just led to blue screen after blue screen when I tried it last time we ran Windows on this machine it was a very painful experience the system resolution was limited to 10 24 x 7 68 and trying to navigate the UI on both Windows and Linux was like watching molasses trip today things are a completely different story the 220s hardware upgrades brought around a major performance increase not only was DUI in 1080 P now and much more responsive but I was also able to get some older games running through the steam client now granted they were sent to their lowest settings and what exactly playable however keep in mind that you’re looking at a machine from 2001 running games that were released over six years later also the system was never really meant to be a gaming machine does have server in its name after all as you can see crisis barely gets along at an average of 10 MPS and leopard it too was about the same story averaging out at about 15 frames per second no one smoke any of this is that we are stuck using the Windows display driver for the 600 is fine but I would prefer to use the latest Nvidia drivers I tried everything I could think of to get the latest Nvidia drivers to work with no luck and yes I tried older driver versions as well and they all felt install or bricked the system which was so much fun I did manage to get the 304 drivers working with Debbie and nine and we will take a look at that in a few minutes the general user experience is much better than before but I would still be hesitant to use this as a daily driver the boat times are pretty much the same as before so I didn’t bother recording new clips for that I tested what browsing using chameleon which is a lightweight browser for older machines and an older version of Firefox browsing through basic site such as the Associated Press and my site went over pretty well however more script heavy site such as CNN still brought down the system to a grinding halt additionally HD video streaming was a no go and local HD video playback resulted in a nice slideshow the system is capable some light multitasking especially with that additional RAM installed I had no problem opening a word processor and web browser side-by-side however just as I mentioned before the system came to a screeching halt when I tried to visit a more taxing site I managed to get performance test version 7 to run the previous versions crashed when I tried to start them and the results were pretty impressive given the system’s age and I think that this is one of those rare cases where the benchmarks actually lead you want to think that the system is faster to use than it actually is getting the Nvidia 304 driver to work on recent links distro’s was a nightmare the 304 drivers are incompatible with open to 18.04 cost 16.04 to break and would not work was Ubuntu or lupine two 6104 finally I got the drivers to work with the latest version of Debian Debian nine though the system was really really unstable with the Nvidia driver installed a crash quite a bit why was testing out when it did work the system was responsive enough to use and super talks cart was pleasantly playable to settings turned down low out of curiosity I popped open blunder in a sample scene and I was actually able to navigate around the 3-D window I tried to go into the rendered view but that just cause the system the freeze I was going to test out what browsing but at that point the environment became too unstable to use and I called it a day with Debbie and system for nearly 20 years ago running modern systems and applications now operates and improve the performance as much as I wanted them to I was hoping that this would be a completely usable daily driver without raising it just wasn’t the case I mean if you just want to do some basic word processing or brawl is a couple basic sites and it’s fine for that anything beyond that does things just slow in addition to that guy saw hardware compatibility was issued a big pain in the but also a question about why they decided to just use windows XP instead of Windows 7 and the main reason is because that’s not the point of this video right and I want to use on an offering system that was as modern as possible and Windows 7 was the most modern version of Windows like get up and running on this machine so you have any one of these days I’ll go back and look at windows XP running on the system but today is not that days left me about it for this video guys very questions comments or concerns you go ahead and a comment on the comment section to construct a light on this video you want to check out the sellers were I got the RAM or the video card from the least to the seller’s eBay stores will be down in the description and I think that’s what you guys and will see you guys in the next installment of a computers and technology

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