What We Know About The Retro Thinkpad T25 So Far 9/19

This past week T25 product leaks have been surfacing all over Reddit, Thinkpad forums, and even Lenovo’s own website.  With the speculated pre-order date of October 5th coming up fast, it only makes sense that some information is starting to slip through the cracks now.  Some might say that these are not leaks, but strategically placed bits of information from Lenovo meant to boost the hype around the release of their anniversary edition signature.  Intentional or not, these bits of information have had Thinkpad lovers on edge (including myself).


  • The traditional 7 row keyboard is back:  Lenovo posted a picture of a rendered T25 on the Lenovo Partner website as part as a promotional event.  The Retro TP appeared to be rocking the classic 7-row keyboard that many Thinkpad enthusiasts desperately want back.  As someone who uses a T430 modded with a 7-row keyboard, the resurrection of the good ol’ 7-row is reason enough for me to get the T25.


  • Screen aspect ratio appears to be 16:9: From the “leaked” image, the screen aspect ratio of the T25 appears to be 16:9 which is a disappointment for many.  I think a lot of people in the Retro Thinkpad community were hoping for a little more vertical screen real estate.  Personally, I would have preferred 16:10 and I even came across many on forums who were advocating for 4:3.  What did we expect though?  Switching to a completely different screen aspect ratio is cost prohibitive, the T25 is based off the T470 and therefore can follow a similar manufacturing process (reducing costs to Lenovo and consumers).

  • It’s cuuurrvvvyyy: While the T470 is defined by jagged corners and sharp edges, the T25’s figure appears to be much softer.  The front of the palm-rest looks rounded and there are indentations around the arrow keys.

  • Where is the ThinkLight???: I don’t see any signs of a ThinkLight in the rendered image, do you?

  • Backlit 7-row keyboard: The absence of a ThinkLight could indicate that the T25’s keyboard may have LED backlighting.

  • Nvidia Dedicated Graphics: The T25 driver page, which has since been taken down, had Nvidia N16s drivers posted which means that we could see higher end models of the T25 shipping with a 940MX.  The 940MX at this point is growing a little stale, then again the Retro project has been a year in the works.  It is assumed that there will also be options for Intel Iris pro graphics which many prefer over the 940MX for a longer support life and Linux compatibility. 

  • 1440p 500nit Display: This one is more of a long shot.  Someone on Reddit went into the newest INF files and found a small difference between the new file and its predecessor:

%TPWQHDF% = TPLCDWQHDFN.Install, Monitor\LEN40AE ; 14″ Wide QHD 16:9 IPS 2560×1440 F, No color profile, 500nit

  • 1440p would be a huge upgrade from my current 900p T430 display.  I am hopeful that this actually means something but I think we should also approach this particular tidbit of information with some skepticism.

  • That’s all I managed to dig up for now.  I am sure you guys will have more to add in the comments section.  Despite the fact that this isn’t exactly what everyone had in mind, it’s a step in the right direction.  The fact that the T25 has even made it this far shows that Lenovo acknowledges that the Thinkpad has strayed too far away from its roots.  The line has lost many features that it used to be renown for and now its time to start bringing them back.  It’s time to bring practicality and pragmatism back to the business laptop.

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