Wind Turbine Experimental Renewable Energy System Build



This video serves as a brief summary to the wind turbine project I started and completed in October of 2017. To save time, I decided to use a pre-built home brew kit for the turbines themselves (I should have spent the extra money and bought legitimate pre-built turbines off eBay). My mounting structure / solution (~14 feet tall) consists of hardware that you could buy at your local hardware store. This setup is still evolving, I plan to make improvements to it as time goes on.

I know some people are going to ask about a breaking system. Right now my breaking solution is just to short the turbines if high winds are expected. A legitimate breaking system is one of those “improvements” that will have to be made in the future. However, so far these turbines have proven to be able to withstand moderate (35mph) sustained winds.

Parts I used:

Lazy Susan Bearings:

3 Wire Slip Ring:

Home Brew Wind Turbines:

JB Weld:


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